The Present Age of Mischief

To follow the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and conform to his way of life is extremely necessary, particularly in the present age. If one does not indisputably grasp the Sunnah with utmost steadfastness and constancy, not only one's faith (iman) and belief can be imperilled but one will also have to face the divine punishment for having abandoned the Sunnah. Today the world is in search of the lover of conformance to the Sunnah. 

Urdu couplet: - 

This age is in search of its Abraham; an idol-house this world is. 
There's no deity but Allah. (Iqbal)

It is a pity that the Muslims' lifestyle today is poles apart from the Holy Prophet's peace and blessings be upon him way of life. The Muslims who have Allah's Book and the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him good example with them. The Muslims who were the light of guidance for the world. The Muslims that when they happened to pass through any lane or street, atmosphere of the surroundings used to get enlightened with faith and action. The Muslims whose existence was a mercy for mankind. The Muslims for whom divine help and protection was accompanied everywhere. 

It is due to this remoteness from the holy example that flames of opposition against them are blazing on all sides. The surface of the vast earth is getting narrower and narrower for them and even in those countries where they happen to have paramount power and government, they are almost dependent upon others. Among a large group of Muslims, particularly those, who have received modern education and are immersed in western civilisation and culture, there has arisen disgust with religion due to their lack of knowledge. Rather, there has everywhere come up a group that is antagonistic towards Islam and is prepared to uproot it. Wherever a call or movement is started in the name of Islam, efforts are caused to be made for suppressing it and to dispel its effects and influence, and endeavours are made to deflect the masses from it. Thus the whole community is a victim of moral degeneration, anarchy and chaos, and different kinds of cracks are showing in it. In the most recent past, hundreds of mischief like Qadianism, Parvizism, Disavowal of Hadith, etc. were born and are still taking birth every now and then. The main cause of this is that the Muslims' relation of love and conformance to the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has become weak and languid, and they have thrown the holy Companions' and the pious predecessors' way of life behind their own backs. 

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