The Reasons for Reading Hadith

The scholars of this subject say one of the main reasons for reading and learning Hadith is to gain and attain those supplications and rewards which have been mentioned in various Hadith regarding those people who engage themselves in this field; for example, it is narrated in one Hadith that the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said:

“May Allah Taa'la keep that person happy who hears my words, learns them and passes it on.”

Hence there are many more glad tidings which have been mentioned regarding scholars and students of this knowledge. However, there is an objection which arises on the above Hadith which is that we see many scholars who are engaged in this blessed field even then we see them in a state of sorrow and poverty, hence how is this narration true?

So regarding this, the great Shaykhul Hadith, Hadhrat Maulana Zakariyyah Rahmatullahi Alayhi says that those people who make this objection are those who are naïve towards the hereafter and regard poverty as a destruction of this world but the Shaykh says in reality, poverty is not a means of destruction, otherwise why would the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam when given a choice between poverty and wealth chose poverty!!?? The Shaykh says only those people who have been tested this, know the true taste of it.

The second reason is that the Deen depends on Hadith, because the root of Deen is the Qur'an which is best understood and fully followed with Hadith. For example, Salaah and Zakaah are mentioned in the Qur'an but there is no mention of the rak'ats or the amount of Zakaah. Therefore, we will have to turn towards the Ahaadith.

These are a few reasons which I have mentioned. There are many more which you can find in various books.

May Allah Taa'la give us the ability to respect the People who teach this great knowledge and become one of the servers for it. Ameen

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