Prepare Yourself for the Journey Underground

As one passes away, breathes his last, closes his eyes, his soul pays a visit either to the ‘illieen', a place for the righteous people or the ‘sijeen', where the sinners and bad people will go and his body enters through a door; a door which will lead into a room full of darkness, surrounded by four walls and that is the grave, the very first step.

Once Rasullullah May Allah send peace and blessings upon him entered the mosque and saw that some people were laughing very loud. He said that if you had remembered death quite often, you would not have laughed like this. Not a day passes by when the grave does not proclaim, ‘I am the house of wilderness, the house of loneliness and the place of worms and insects.'

When a believer is buried, it welcomes him, saying you are welcome you have done well to have come here, of all the people walking upon the earth, you were the dearest to me and now see how I entertain you. The grave expands and a door of paradise opens and through this door comes the fragrance of Paradise.

On the other hand, when a non-believer is buried, there is no welcome for him. The grave says, “Of all the people I hated you the most and now you will see how I treat you.”

The grave then narrows down and squeezes him until his ribs collide with each other, like the fingers of two hands interlocking with each other. Ninety-nine serpents are set on him and they keep on biting him until the Day of Judgement.

Whenever Hazrat Uthmaan May Allah be pleased with him visited a grave, he would weep so much that his beard would become wet with tears. The grave is the very first of many stages of the hereafter, he who is successful during this stage, the latter stages become very easy upon him, while he who is unsuccessful, the later stages will be very difficult.

Hazrat Uthman May Allah be pleased with him also says that Rasullullah May Allah send peace and blessings upon him had said, “I have not come across any sight more terrifying than that of the grave.”

No Mercy

The punishment of the grave is severe and no one can bear its pain and torture. These punishments are due to the amount of major sins we commit daily, such as the neglecting of Salaah, backbiting, the lack of precaution at the time of urinating which leaves one self and his clothes unclean. Precautions must be taken at the time of passing urine.

Whilst in the grave, two angels approach the deceased. These Angels are known as ‘Munkar' and ‘Nakir'. They come to question a person. Their eyes sparkle like the lightning of thunder and their voice like the roar of thunder. Their teeth like the horn of a bull sticking out with flames of fire coming out of their mouths, their hair long, reaching down to their feet, carrying a very big hammer. According to other narrations, they will be blind and deaf.

They will ask you three questions. If you succeed, they will give you glad-tidings but if you fail, they will start beating you. You will scream and cry but they will not hear you, they will have no mercy nor consider anyone.

Once Hazrat Abu Zar Gaffari May Allah be pleased with him in excitement said to the grave, “O grave, there is some news for you; that we have come with the body of the Prophet May Allah send peace and blessings upon him's daughter, Hazrat Fatima May Allah be pleased with her, the queen of Paradise .” A voice came from the grave, “O Abu Zar, the grave is not a place for dynasty nor people of high ranks, here, I will treat according to one's deeds.”

From this, we can clearly understand that the grave will treat us only according to our deeds. May Allah Taa'la give us the ability to do good deeds. Ameen

The Good News

As we have all heard, all the sins lead to severe punishment of the grave. In the same way, there are some virtuous acts which provides safeguard against it.

It is stated in a Hadith that Hazrat Jaabir Radhiallaho Anhu says that Rasullullah May Allah send peace and blessings upon him would not go to sleep until he would read ‘Surah Sajdah' (Chapter 21) and Surah Mulk (Chapter 29). (Bukhari, Tirmizi)

Rasullullah May Allah send peace and blessings upon him said that whosoever reads the above two Surah's between Maghrib and Esha, the reward will be as though he has stood awake during the night of ‘Laylatul Qadr. (Ruhul Maa'ni).

O people, you have ruined your life in carelessness and laziness,

Wake up and compensate over your sins.

Forget the past, concentrate ahead, shed tears, turn to your Creator,

Repent and ask for forgiveness.

There's still time, make an effort and do good deeds,

For success and salvation relies on you to sleep in pain or to sleep in peace.

Indeed the grave is a garden amongst the gardens of Paradise ,

or a pit among the Pits of Hell.

Beloved Readers, read these two Surah's which are mentioned above each night, Allah Taa'la will reward you in abundance and protect you from the punishment of the grave and Inshallah, it will intercede for one's forgiveness.


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