Maidens of Paradise

The temporary life of this word is a great test for man. Temptations are many and man is weak. Of all the temptations, the temptation relating to the opposite sex is the highest. If the sexual urge of a man is left unchecked and unregulated, there will be total anarchy and mischief in the world.

To control and regulate this desire any form of illicit affiliation with the opposite sex is strictly forbidden. To maintain a high level of morality, Islam has ordained very strict laws and many restrictions to curtail the unlawful, carnal desires of man.

All of these strict restrictions weigh heavily on the ‘Nafs’ – the Self of Man. The nafs constantly seeks gratification and indulgence of its desires. To control these wild desires is not an easy task. There is a constant struggle that exists between man and his desires in this word. For the young, the struggle is even more intense and great.

For those people who restrain and control the desires of the nafs in this world, Allah has promised immense rewards in the hereafter. Man sometimes forgets these rewards and becomes inclined in sin. If he is reminded about these rewards, his resolve to control the nafs becomes stronger and more vigorous. It becomes easier to sacrifice the desires in view of these great rewards in the hereafter.

In this article, some of the rewards of the hereafter and specially those relating to the the Hurs (Maidens) of Jannah are mentioned. By pondering about the beauties of Jannah and its beautiful maidens, the youth will feel a renewed vigour to fight their carnal desires and strive for the pleasure of Allah by doing righteous deeds. Furthermore, the beauty of the woman of this world will appear pale and insignificant before the beauty of those stunning damsels in Jannah.

Allah has put in every human being the natural desire and inclination for gold, silver, money, transportation, land and other items of this world. Similarly, Allah has placed in every person the natural desire for the opposite sex, and out of the desires of a person, the greatest test for a Muslim is how he fulfils this desire. He can either fail this test by unlawful satisfying this desire, or pass this test by fulfilling this desire lawfully through marriage.

In order to motivate us to pass this test, it is very important for us to understanding the reward for controlling one’s desires and staying away from evil.

Jannah is a place where a person will have all that he desires, and he will live a perfect and everlasting life. Each pleasure at Jannah will be far more superior than the pleasure found in this world.

Similarly, the women in Jannah will be far more superior to the women of this world. Once a person gets to know of this, it will become very easy for him to stay away from evil and corruption and it will become easy for him to work towards the Hereafter.

This article contains a detailed description of these women based on the verses of the Holy Qur’an, Tafseer, Hadith and stories of the Prophets peace and blessings upon them all.

Those celestial women specially created for the people of Jannah are known as Huree-ayn. A Hur is young, gorgeous, wide-eyed beauty, a fair skinned woman with intensely dark eyes. The meaning of ‘ayn’ is a woman with big, attractive eyes, which is also considered a sign of beauty.

The following is a narration of two Sahabas, it is narrated from Ibn Abbas, Anas, Abu Salman and Mujahid that the hurs will be created from ‘saffron’. When the present creation of mankind which is created from sand has the best of forms and beauty, then you can imagine the beauty of women created from saffron.

Allah Taa’la says:

“And they will have pure wives in Jannah and they will stay there forever.”

Qatada mentions that these women will be pure from all external impurities such as menstruation, urine excreta and saliva. They will also be free from all evil and internal qualities such as malice, hypocrisy, swearing etc. Thus they will not have within them the smallest amount of disobedience to their husbands.

Allah Taa’la says:

“And they will have fair females with big, lovely eyes who will be like hidden pearls.”

The women of Jannah will be like fresh pearls because of their cleanliness and fair skin colour.

Anas May Allah be pleased with him narrates that Rasullullah May Allah send peace and blessings upon him said:

“Definitely, the inhabitants of Jannah will visit a market every Friday. A northly wind will blow and it will spread goodness upon their faces and clothes causing them to increase in beauty. They will then return to their wives after having become more beautiful than they were before. Their wives will say to them, “We swear by Allah, you have definitely increased in beauty”. They will also say to their wives, “We swear by Allah, you have also increased in beauty.”

A human being has his own understanding of beauty which is confined to his limited and deficient knowledge. Allah, in his infinite knowledge and wisdom had described the women of Jannah as beautiful. So we cannot comprehend how beautiful these women must actually be!

May Allah grant us the ability to strive for His pleasure in this world and grant us death with Imaan. Ameen.

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