In a Hadith, the Messenger of Allah, May Allah send peace and blessings upon him, is reported to have said:

“Whoever will enter paradise will be in Allah's favour, he will never be dejected ; nor will clothes wear out nor will his youthfulness wither!”

Paradise is an unending house – that is, a place where the inhabitants live forever, therefore clothes will not age and he will not grow old. War, poverty, starvation and misery will be unknown.

This wonderful place has been built with alternate layers of Gold and Silver Bricks. The Mortar used therein is pure Muskh (Musk). The Pebbles will be of rubies and pearls and the Soil will be of  Saffron. Comfort, pleasure and happiness will be for whom is allowed here. Grief and sorrow will be unknown. Youth will remain forever and death will be of the past. 

Strolling along in this beautiful place, one will visualize gardens and rivers, the likes of which cannot ever be imagined let alone seen in this world.  Here, the Vessels and Furniture are made of Gold and silver. This is no small place. 

There are one hundred stages one above the other, the distance between each equal to the distance between the earth and the sky. The highest stage is the best one. Four Canals will flow in this place:  Milk, Honey, Sacred Wine and Water. How wonderful? 
Each stage is so vast that the entire population of the whole world can be accommodated in it. 

Moving along, one will see trees, the trunks of which will be of gold and silver.

Hazrat Mu'tab bin Samma talks about the words of Allah:

“For them is bliss and happy resort.”

Tooba is a tree in paradise. One or the other of its branches will cast its shadow on every house in paradise. It will bear fruit of different kinds. Large birds, the size of camels of Khurasaan will be sitting on the branches.

If any of the inhabitants of Paradise would wish to eat a bird, he would simply call it and the bird will drop on his table cloth. It would turn, part of it into roast bird meat and part of it into fried bird meat. When he completes eating it, the bird would reappear and fly back to its place on the tree.

This is just one of the favours that Allah will bestow on the believers!

What a wonderfully incredible life one will lead in paradise. One can have the urge and desire for spectacular bounties and those desires are fulfilled effortlessly to degress above the imaginable like a bird turning into different dishes, giving multiple selections and satisfying the appetites of the dweller of Paradise !

There will be plenty to eat and drink!  Life here will be for eternity! 



Many people will be allowed in here. However, there will be guards at the gates to ensure that only the right people (whom the Creator wishes) walk in. Before reaching the gates, some questions will have to be answered and some actions which will haveto be accounted for! 

Many fortunate people will enter without any questioning. Some will have to answer a few questions before stepping further. Some unfortunate people will be turned back. 

From Hazrat Abu May Allah be pleased with him Huraira Radhiallaho Anhu, we have the narration of the Apostle of Allah May Allah send peace and blessings upon him. Some of the tribes will enter Jannah whose hearts will be soft and tender like the hearts of birds.

Some authorities have concluded they will be delicate like the birds. Others have said that the hearts would tremble from the fear of Allah just as the birds are weak-hearted. Yet, others have drawn out the meaning that this is due to them placing trust in Allah and hope in him because birds wake up hungry but by evening they have their nourishment.

The best news for us is that the Creator of this magnificent place, who also created us, has told us exactly what requirements and qualifications are required to enter in to this wonderful place! 


The requirements and qualifications to enter this place are: 
1. We must believe that the Creator is the One and the Only One worthy of worship. The Creator undoubtedly is the Only Almighty one 'Allah'.  The last of the Messengers,is the Holy Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam and the last Holy Book sent with him is the Holy Quraan.   
2. Once we fulfill the above, We must remember Him five times daily by means of Salaah
3.  We must fast in the month of Ramadhan
4. Give Zakah to the poor & needy 
5. Perform the Haj (once in a lifetime) if it is due. 

He has been most merciful to us. He did not leave us in the darkness of evil, but, he sent down many Prophets Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam and Holy Books with them to guide us to this wonderful place. He made absolutely certain that we get to know all the conditions and requirements to enter this wonderful place. 


 People of the world! Strive hard!  This world is a temporary abode! Become a practicing Muslims and cross the Bridge of Siraat at the speed of lightning into the ever lasting wonderful place, Jannah. Which Allah has created for us! 

 May Allah the Exalted give us death with correct Imaan, guide us all to paradise (Jannah) and grant us Jannat ul Firdaus. Ameen

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