End of Days


Note: In order for the following article to be beneficial for you, consider reading it when retiring to bed. Try to visualise the whole event which is in this article in a dark and lonely place.

As the clock ticks away, the hours fade away, the days become extinct, the months become a memory and the years just fly. It is nine o'clock in the morning when you open the door to your brother's bedroom. Your brother is sleeping in a nice cosy bed full of warmth and comfort. You decide to approach him. You approach him and put your hand over his body to wake him up. You do this a few times but the coldness of his body is travelling into your hand as you touch it. The coolness in your hands has now sent an alerting message to your brain that something is wrong so you begin to panic and shout your brother's name urging him to wake up. There is no response, then you suddenly realise that his life is taken away. He is DEAD.

You now prepare for his funeral. Family, relatives, friends, everyone is crying. The next day your brother is given a bath and taken to the graveyard, you bury him with your own hands, and that's the end of him. Now you return to your home feeling very sad, very tired and very impatient. It's now 12 o'clock midnight and you are fast asleep. The hours are ticking away, 1 o'clock , 2 o'clock , 3 o'clock , 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, it's now 10 o'clock in the morning. Your breakfast was ready for you since 8 o' clock so it has now been two hours and your mother is waiting patiently. Your mothers begins to lose her patience, she decides to come and wake you up. As she opens the curtains of your bedroom, she shouts your name. But…….you don't wake up. Your mother pushes you and pulls you just as you did with your deceased brother, but you don't respond in anyway. What's happened? Why are you not responding? Why don't you open your eyes? Then…… your mother comes to terms, she now realises that it's your turn, you have now left the world to meet your Creator, the one who took the life of your brother yesterday.

“To Allah we belong, and to him is our return.”

Your Mother's heart begins to beat faster and faster until she loses her patience and she screams. Your father, brother and sister all come rushing in the room and see you lying on the bed with your mother next to you. They are all now crying as you have resided to your eternal abode. Their next step is now to obtain a doctor's certificate, a death certificate and then make arrangements for your funeral. So they phone the Imam to arrange an undertaker who would take you in your coffin to the cemetery. But first of all you need to be washed and cleaned, so as the day passes, it is night time and your body is left alone in the masjid's cooling room. You are alone. The next morning arrives and you are taken in the washroom to be bathed. You can see your father and brother washing you all over, but you cannot do anything. Remember, you are dead. They now cover you in two sheets of white cloth known as the kafn. Then they slowly place you in the darkness of the coffin. They bring you back home for your mother to see you one last time. After the visit, they are now lifting your coffin and putting it in a car and head towards your home, the Qabr (Grave).

As they reach the graveyard, they take you out of the car and place you in front of the Imam. They prepare for your Janazah Salaah. Janazah is prayed and they lift you up on their shoulders and they head towards the dark grave which has been dug up, 6ft deep with hungry creatures, worms, spiders, centipedes etc ready for you, awaiting your arrival.

You can hear the people carrying you, but you can't do anything, remember, you are a corpse. They are now lowering you in your grave, slowly going down, and down, and down, until it reaches the bottom, and you can feel yourself going down, but you can't do anything, you are a corpse. They now begin to throw soil on you and your vision begins to turn darker and darker as the soil is filling your grave until..until…..its filled and you are now in complete darkness, no one with you, no mother, no father, no brother, no sister. Only you and your actions.

You can hear the footsteps of the people walking away, further and further until the last person is left in the graveyard. He has now stepped out of the graveyard and the creatures of the earth begin to head towards you.

Ants, spiders, worms, centipedes, all are eating away at your body. The eyes in your sockets are now disconnected, the worms are sliding through your nostrils and coming out though your mouth. Your stomach is now eaten away until your flesh is left no longer. You are now a skeleton turning back into mud and clay.

“From the (earth) did we create you, and into it shall we return you, and from it shall we bring you out once again.” (Qur'an, Surah 20, Chapter 16, Ruku 12)

Suddenly two big angels (munkar and nakir) come and sit you up and you are asked the three questions. Remember, your tongue is not going to answer the three questions, its your heart that's going to answer, your strong Imaan which you attained in the world.

So my brothers and sisters, I will leave you with the three questions.

Who is your Lord?

What is your religion?

Who is this person? (Muhammed May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him)

So what is it going to be, Heaven or Hell? May Allah Taa'la give us the ability to answer these questions. Ameen

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