10 A.H.

The land of Arabia had seen many wars and killings for centuries. In the year 10 A.H. most of Arabia had embraced Islaam. There were no idol-worshipping. In the month of Zil-Qadah 10 A.H. Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) accompanied by 124,000 Sahaba (Companions) left Madinah for Makkah to perform the Hajj. On the 5th of Zil-Haj the Muslims entered Makkah and performed Umra, and on the 8th of Zil-Haj our beloved Nabi (peace and blessing be upon him) camped at Mina with the Sahaba. Riding on his camel Quswa, Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) proceeded to the plains of Arafat, some 10 km from Mina. Here he delivered his final Khutba to the entire assembly of Muslims. He reminded them of their duties towards Islaam, explained the rights and treatment of women, that nobody should absorb the rights of each other's property and all Muslims should honour and respect each other. The slaves also received a declaration of just treatment. False superiority of race, nation and tribe was discouraged and interest (usury) was made Haraam.

That day the torch that brightened the Path of Truth was handed to the Ummat and Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) exclaimed to his people "O Lord have I conveyed the Message?" The whole assembly of Muslims replied in one voice: "By our Lord, Verily Thou Hast".

Our Nabi (peace and blessing be upon him) also told his vast audience: "I leave behind amongst you two things. If you should hold fast to it, you shall be secure from vices and evil ways, i.e. the Holy Qur'aan and the Sunnah of Allah's Nabi (peace and blessing be upon him)"

When the glowing message and the marvellous Mission saw the day of its grand achievement, the Holy Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessing be upon him) received the Divine Call thus : "This day have I perfected your religion and completed my favour on you and have chosen Islaam as your religion." (Al- Quraan 3:5 ).

Thus giving this Divine Message he bid farewell to all the Muslims. Then performing other rites and performing the Fajr Salaat in the Ka'ba on the 12th Zil-Hajj, the whole gathering left for their homes and the beloved Nabi (peace and blessing be upon him) of Allah accompanied by the Muhajireen and Ansaar returned to Madinah.

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