After this Allah's messages continued to come and he quietly but firmly began to preach the ONENESS OF ALLAH and the good ways of living to his relatives and friends. His wife Hazrat Khadeejah (R.A.) was the first to accept Islaam. His very close friend Hazrat Abu Bakar bin Kuhafa (R.A.), and slave Hazrat Zaid (R.A.), and his cousin Hazrat Ali (R.A.), and then Hazrat Uthman bin Affan (R.A), Hazrat Talha bin Ubaidullah (R.A.), Hazrat Zubair bin Awaam (R.A.), Hazrat Sa'ad bin Abi Waqass (R.A.) and Hazrat Abdur-rahmaan bin Auf (R.A.) became muslims.

The teaching of Islaam continued in secret for three years. Then Allah commanded Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) to preach the religion of Islaam openly to his people. Obeying Allah, Muhammed (peace and blessing be upon him) called his people together from the family of Quraish and invited them to the religion of Islaam. The people of the Quraish were very angry with his teaching and began to abuse him.

Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) did not stop preaching Islaam although the people of Makkah, especially his uncle Abu Lahab and Abu Jahl (Amr bin Hishaam) were against his message and preaching. However, the sincere people slowly continued to accept Islaam. The poor and weak converts to Islaam, like Hazrat Bilal (R.A.) and others suffered at the hands of the Quraish. With all the hardships no one left Islaam and Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) didi not stop his mission of Islaam.

Contents of the biography of the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessing be upon him

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