In the early days of Hijrat, Syria and Egypt were territories governed by the Roman Emperor whose capital was Constantinople. The rising of the new power of Islaam made the Romans jealous and uneasy. In a short time the rapid growth of Islaam reached the borders of Syria. The Romans claimed Islaam as a danger so decided that a consolidated attack on Arabia was necessary. The merchants coming from Syria brought news that a large army was ready to attack Madina.

Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him). called upon all the tribes, heroes, fighters and zealous followers of Islaam to defend the faith and their motherland against foreign invasion. Hazrat Uthman (R.A.) offered 3000 camels and 10,000 Dinars for this expedition. Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) raised an army of 30,000 Mujahid (soldiers) including 10,000 cavalry. The army set out on Thursday in the month of Rajab 9 A.H. to encounter a well armed, well disciplined Roman Army. The Muslim army encamped at a place called Tabook for twenty days. When the Roman army saw the great force their spirits dampened and they gave up their intention of invasion or war.

Witnessing the life, piety and devotion to Allah, the Christians were greatly impressed. Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) concluded many peaceful agreements with certain Christian tribes and returned to Madinah. The expedition of Tabook ended the warfare and tribe after tribe began to embrace Islaam. Within two years the whole of Arabia was united under the banner of Islaam and the cry of Allah-hu-Akbar resounded from all sides.

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