With the end of the boycott of Muslims, it was presumed that the Quraish would at least relax  their opposition to Islam. But this was not to be. On the contrary, the Quraish did not relent but continued their persecution.

In the tenth year of Nubuwwat, Abu Talib became ill and weak and he was eighty years old. The hardship and responsibilities during the year of the boycott had taken its toll on him. He had sacrificed the remainder of his life for the sake of his nephew Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) because he loved him more dearly than any of his own children. He became very ill and passed away in the month of Rajab in the tenth year of Nubuwwat. The Quraish also conceded that Abu Talib was the greatest leader of the Banu Hashim tribe.

On the death of Abu Talib, the Quraish took it for granted that the way was now clear for them to put an end to the Muslim campaign.

Two months later, Hazrat Khadija (R.A.) also passed away on 10 Ramadhan. She was dearly loved by Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) and was a tower of strength to him in times of trials and sufferings. She was the first to embrace Islam when the call came. She had encouraged him to pursue the path of Allah and had shared all his discomforts. It was a sad moment for  Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) to loose dearly loved friends at a time when the Quraish were becoming ruthless each day.

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