KEY DATES AND EVENTS IN THE LIFE OF HAZRAT MUHAMMED(peace and blessings be upon him)
570/571 Born on 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal in the year of the Elephants.
 4 YEARS 574 Hazrat Bibi Halima (R.A), Brings Rasulullah (peace be upon him) after weaning.
6 YEARS 576 Demise of Hazrat Bibi Aamina. 
Grandfather Hazrat Abdul Muttalib takes care.
8 YEARS 578 Demise of Hazrat Abdul Muttalib. 
Uncle Hazrat Abu Talib takes care.
12 YEARS 582 Makes journey to Syria. 
Meets Buhaira who forecasts Rasulullah (peace be upon him) forthcoming prophethood.
23 YEARS 593 Rebuilding of the Ka'ba and placing of the Hajre Aswad (Black Stone). 
24 YEARS 594 Takes a second journey to Syria under the employment of Hazrat Bibi Khadija (R.A).
25 YEARS 595 Marriage to Hazrat Bibi Khadija (R.A). 
The slaves are set free. Sets up Society (Hilf-Ul-Fuzul). Time spent in meditation in the cave of Hira.
40 YEARS 1st  609 Receiving the first Divine Revelation (Wahi) in Ramadhan.
43 YEARS 3rd  612 Islaam accepted by twenty persons. 
Public declaration of the call of Islaam.
45 YEARS 5th  614 Advice a group of Muslims to emigrate to Abyssinia.
50 YEARS 10th  619 Me'raj (Ascension)-27 Rajab.
52 YEARS 12th  621 The first Oath of Allegiance- Aqaba.
53 YEARS 13th  622 The second Oath of Allegiance.
53 YEARS 1 623 Hijrat (Emigration) to Madinah. 
The beginning of the Islamic Calender (A.H)
54 YEARS 2 624 Battle of Badr 
Expulsion of Banu Qaynuqa 
Change of Qibla from Jerusalem to Makkah
55 YEARS 3 625 Battle of Uhad
57 YEARS 5 627 Battle of the Trench
58 YEARS 6 628 The Treaty of Hudaibiyya 
Letters (Epistles) to Kings
59 YEARS 7 629 Conquest of Khybar
60 YEARS 8 630 The Expedition of Muta 
Conquest of Makkah
61 YEARS 9 630 The Expedition of Tabuk 
First Haj of Muslims
62 YEARS 10 631 Year of Deputation and Farewell Pilgrimage
63 YEARS 11 632 The demise of Rasullulah (peace and blessings be upon him) 
(12th Rabi-ul-Awwal)
Contents of the biography of the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessing be upon him
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