As the ka'bah was badly damaged by floods, the different tribes of Makkah worked together to build the Ka'bah again. The building was almost finished, only the famous black stone know as Hajre Aswad was left to be set into its place, and the tribes started quarreling, because each tribe wanted to have the honour to replace the stone. There was great fear that fighting would take place, when a wise old man gave them an idea. He said that the first person to enter the Ka'bah in the morning shall suggest what was to be done. This idea was accepted by all the tribes. It so happened that Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) was the first person to enter the Ka'bah in the morning. Rasulullah (peace and blessing be upon him) was asked what to do. He took a sheet and spread it on the ground. He placed the black stone in the center of the sheet and asked the chiefs of all the tribes to lift it up together. When the sheet reached the proper height, he lifted the black stone and put it in its proper place. Everyone was happy and the problem was solved.

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