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The era between the uplifting to the heavens of Hadhrat Isa (A.S) and the birth of the final Messenger Hadhrat Muhammed () was approximately 570 years.  The religions that existed were such that if their Prophets returned and saw their condition, they would deny it being brought by them and they would express their disgust at it.


The religion brought by Hadhrat Musa (Prophet Moses - peace be upon him) had now only become mere customs and traditions.  Nothing was left of the true worship of Allah s.w.t.  This religion was a family religion which could not carry a message for the world and nor could it carry a call for other nations.  No one could become a jew; only those born a jew.


This religion had been repeatedly changed and tampered with by those people who had exaggerated in their belief and love for Hadhrat Isa (Prophet Jesus - peace and blessing be upon him) and Hadhrat Maryam (Virgin Mary - peace be upon her) and it had been played about with by those people who wanted it to suit their desires.  This religion had become a pile of rubble under which the simple teachings of Hadhrat Isa (peace be upon him) were buried, and the light of Tawheed had been hidden behind these clouds.


The people of this religion worshipped fire and they made places of sacrifices and temples for it.  However, outside these temples they were free and they would act according to there desires, there was no difference between these people and those people who did not have a religion, in terms of deeds and actions.


This was spread in India and Central Asia.  It had become an idol worshipping religion and its people used to carry idols with them wherever they went.  They also made temples for these idols.


This was the original religion of India.  This religion became famous due to three reasons:- 1. The many Gods and idols they worshipped, the number of these reached to a million! 2. The cruel difference established between the class system and 3. The differing  between one human and another.  The class system was so bad that even if the shadow of a low caste hindu (known as untouchables) would fall on a higher class hindu then he would go and bathe himself!


No example could be found worse then the Arabs in idol worshipping.  These people set up partners with Allah and worshipped them in the worst form.  For every tribe, house and city their were idols and even in the Holy Ka'ba their were 360 idols.


The characteristics of the Arab people were very bad.  They loved wine and gambling, and their state of heard-heartedness and false dignity would lead them to burying their daughters alive.  Rampid among them was high-way robbery and theft.  The status of women amongst them had fallen, she was given in inheritance just as other possessions and animals were given.  Amongst these Arabs were also those who would kill their children for fear of deprivation and poverty.  These people also loved war, they would easily shed blood of one another and these wars would be sparked off by ordinary events, and they would last for many years in which thousands would die.
Overall mankind was on a suicide path,  he had forgotten his Creator, he had forgotten himself and he had forgotten the consequences he would have to face and in the midst of all this he had lost the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.
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Allah (S.W.T) chose from amongst all mankind the Arab nation to accept Islam and spread it all over the world.  This was so because the slates of their hearts were clean, their were no complicated writings on it which were not easy to remove and erase, such as the Romans, the Persians and the Indian people, who used to boast a lot due to their knowledge and culture.  However, the Arabs, nothing was written on the slate of their hearts but simple writing which was written by the hand of ignorance and desert life.  This would be very easy to erase, and in its place to write something new.  The Arabs were on nature, when something became difficult for them to understand they would fight against it (this was witnessed many times in the life of the Sahaba's before they embraced Islam), but when the curtains of ignorance were lifted from their eyes they would begin to love the truth, they would fully embrace it and be ready to die for it.  They were truthful people and for a person to lie from amongst them was unacceptable and he would become unfit to become a leader.  The Arabs were strong, firm people and they lived hard lives, they were also warriors and very brave people.
One of the special reasons for the preference given to the Arabs was that in Makkah stood the Holy Ka'ba, which was made by Hadhrat Ibrahim (Prophet Abraham - peace be upon him) and his son Hadhrat Ismail (peace be upon him) for the worship of Allah (S.W.T) alone and so that it would become a centre of monotheism forever.

With all the above mentioned conditions prevailing over the world and with mankind lost in utter confusion and darkness, Allah (S.W.T).a had mercy on humanity and on Monday 12th Rabi-ul-awwal the Holy Prophet Mohammed () was born.

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