Volume 1 letter 96


From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Al Haj Muhammad Yakub Sahib, Bombay

Date: 28th Sha’baan 1388/ 18th November 1968


 Most honourable and gracious Muhammad Yakub sahib, may your radiance remain far-reaching.

After the sunnah greeting. Today, Wednesday afternoon, I received your correspondence you sent yesterday. Furthermore, I also received the telegram you sent pertaining to Ali Mia and today I took receipt of his letter from Kuwait. He penned that time permitting, he will stop at Saharanpur en-route from Delhi, and hence I await his arrival.

Today, I was rather disappointed learning that the Iranian vessel is delayed by one day, may almighty Allah show mercy. If you come across dearest Abdul-Raheem then after the sunnah greeting kindly convey to him that notwithstanding the letter he wrote on the train there has been no further communiqué from him, which is both surprising and worrying. The Holy Month is fast approaching and this year there are more guests than previous years, may almighty Allah grant us his auspices.

Dearest Yusuf has written a detailed letter from Tehran, I have forwarded a copy to London, Delhi, and Pakistan. I refrained forwarding you a copy since dearest Yusuf in his letter indicated arriving by 18th November. However, through your letter today I appreciate that there is a delay, and for me it is most upsetting. He should have returned to London, or accepted the recommendation of the Pakistani ambassador and come by rail, and arriving here a week before Ramadhan; however, one must endure the tribulation destined for us.

Hazrat-Sheikh-ul Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Muhammad Ismail

28th Sha’ban 1388

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