Volume 1 Letter 92


From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (may his secret be sanctified)

To: Al-Haj Muhammad Yakub Sahib, Bombay

Date: 23rd Sha’ban 1388/13th November 1968

Most honourable and gracious Muhammad Yakub sahib, may your radiance remain far-reaching.

After the sunnah greeting, presently at 10 o’clock this Friday morning I took receipt of your express letter. There are conflicting reports with regard to dearest Yusuf every day. Any reports I receive I undertake to communicate to you by way of letter. May almighty Allah facilitate you to arrive with ease. Abdur-Raheem; molvi Yusuf’s brother, was sent to your service on Wednesday. He should be in attendance either this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest. He was sent because of the reports we received pertaining to dearest Yusuf’s vessel arriving 11th November.

I wrote to you previously in relation to molvi Manzoor Nu’mani, he is scheduled to return to Lukhnow Tuesday evening. News of his safe arrival has been received here. I was taken aback receiving the letter from brother Mahmood in Makkah. He wrote to me insisting that I write a letter of commendation to you on his behalf. I do not have any further details from his letter. There is an abundant influx of Jama’ats from Baroda here. Last night there were approximately 100 persons at supper. There are also people from Calcutta staying over who arrived from Baroda. They will depart for Nizamuddin tomorrow morning. I have communicated this in yesterday’s letter. May almighty Allah facilitate you in every possible way and bestow an elevated rank.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Muhammad Ayub

23rd Sha’ban 1388

On completion of the above letter I received your telegram and notification that the ship from Iran is scheduled to arrive on the 23rd. In addition, I received a letter from Tehran stating that tickets were acquired from the city of Khurram on 11th November. The ship will make port in a week. May almighty Allah grant amelioration. That is all.

Furthermore, Abdul-Qadeer’s letter has arrived and its registration has been assigned to Brother Iqbal Sahib Khilji.

That is all. Salaam





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