Volume 1 letter 89


From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

Date: 21st Sha’ban 1388/11th November 1968


After the sunnah greeting, since your departure my health has deteriorated further, the fever has soared and is still elevated. I intended to lie down after the Zuhr prayer, except that Haji Gulam Rasool & co. arrived. They were 20 persons in total and I remained behind to oversee their lunch. In today’s mail, there were two cards from dearest Ihsaan. Furthermore, Haji Shafi Sahib, returning yesterday from Delhi to Baroda, sent a copy of the Foreign Office letter. The details are much the same, as per telephone call.

The only notable difference from the verbatim copy sent by Haji Shafi Sahib and the translation of brother Abdul-Sattar is that he translated it to read that the ship will leave port from Iran on 11th November. Now, I am somewhat unclear if the word cargo ship has been substituted for the word ship, or that he his travelling to the port by ship and then board a cargo ship. I think instead of going there personally we ought to enquire through correspondence. However, molvi Ismail and mufti Ismail, who incidentally have just returned from Dhabel, are of the opinion that a letter may take too long. You could go by Flying Express and return by tomorrow. This way all manner of enquiries could be made.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Muhammad Ismail

21st Sha’ban


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