Volume 1 letter 75




From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith (May his secret be sanctified)


To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)


From: 28th Rabi-Uthani 1388/23rd July 1968




Dearest Molvi Yusuf Sahib



After the sunnah greeting, I have written a letter enclosed within respected Ismail’s envelope, therein I have enclosed a reply for three of your letters. There is a specific reason for this letter at this time. At some point in the night near the time of Isha I received a message at Kacha Ghar that a guest from Ambeth who lives in London wishes to meet with you and is leaving before long. For me, as you well know, London has turned into Yusuf’s Realm. Although I was engaged in an important meeting I summoned him eagerly without delay, I requested him for his address which I enclose in this envelope. He lives permanently in London and once he has visited his friends and relatives here he will arrive in London at the back end of August, thereafter he will travel to America after a month or two.


After conversing with him it struck me that you really should meet with him, the vocation he is involved in is truly eminent and valuable. I imagine you will have heard of the movement our elders initiated against the English, commonly known as The Silken Handkerchief Movement and that in consequence Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind spent 7 years in a Maltese prison. Undoubtedly you will have heard something about it. 


The individual informed me that all records, CID reports, letters written between different agencies and photographs taken at the time have been located. It appears that the law is that such documents are kept secret for 50 years, after the period has elapsed secrecy is lifted and whoever wishes may view them at the museum. The individual in question also stated that he is writing a book relating to this issue and about our pious predecessors and that reliable source material can be acquired from there.


This gentleman is the son of Molvi Hamid Ghazi Sahib and ….................. Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Mia Sahib Ambethwi made tireless efforts during the movement, he is known in some spheres as Molvi Muhammad Mia Ambethwi and sometimes by the name Moulana Mansoor Ghazi Kabuli. The entire record is so extensive that if you were to dedicate an entire year it would prove inadequate. However, with his help you will find references to Hazrat Saharanpuri, Hazrat Moulana Shah Abdur-Raheem Raipuri and the Principal of Darul-Uloom Deoband Moulana Al-Haj Ahmed Sahib, if anything is found in relation to their lives or their discourses then carefully translate it into Urdu, or else copy the English and I will have someone translate it here.


As the gentleman has reported that restriction has been lifted and one who wishes may view the records unconditionally, endeavour to do so at a convenient and opportune moment. Don’t spend too much time on it; my interest has been somewhat fired up through talking with him last night, whereas these events are now quite dated. I invited him on your account and the conversation made it even more interesting, but he was in a hurry hence the conversation was untimely interrupted.


That is all, Salaam


Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib


Dictated to Abdur-Raheem


28th Rabi-Uthani 1388  












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