Volume1 Letter 73




From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)


To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)


Date: 4th Rabi-Uthani /29th June 1968




After the sunnah greeting, your air letter relating to your well-being was received here 17th June and a reply was appended on the air letter 18th June, Allah willing it should have arrived. I expressed therein that a separate letter to either me or Abdur-Raheem is unwarranted; anything you wish to write you may do so within Abdur-Raheem’s letters.


Additionally, a letter from dearest Abdur-Raheem was received wherein he referred to a separate letter from you quoting your instruction to send me 100 rupees, in order that I perform a waleemah after the happy occasion. I strongly advised him against this, saying there is absolutely no need to send any monies, given that after receiving news of the happy occasion I will happily perform a waleemah on behalf of the dearest afore-mentioned. Furthermore, you are well aware of the reason why I refused the monies before the completion of the happy occasion; seeing as you were witnesses to an incident yourself. Aside from that, there have been numerous occasions when acquaintances have sent money orders requiring a waleemah the day after the nikah, but then unexpectedly at the eleventh-hour there was a deferment. The account of the teacher from Dabhel took place while you were in attendance.


I requested a schedule from you in a preceding letter, which blessed deeds are you carrying out in a 24 hour period? It is my heartfelt desire that I write to you, without equivocation or exaggerating in any way, my entire schedule. What are your times for recreation? Where do you spend your recreational time? You wrote in a previous letter that your Khaloo Sahib has rented a house with four rooms, are you residing in them on your own or is there someone else living with you.


Furthermore, you wrote in the preceding correspondence that the date for the nikah would be determined shortly; within the next 15-20 days. I have been eagerly waiting for news of its completion. You penned in the correspondence from the 14th Rabi-ul-Awwal of completion within 15 days, it has now been 20 days since that letter, Allah willing the blessed occasion has been completed.


On the additional page to this letter I have appended a short segment for Dr. Maqsood Hussain. He is a resident of Saharanpur; you may perhaps recognise him if you saw him, he specializes in ophthalmology and also does some general practice. I intentionally included his letter within yours, if it is not too inconvenient then tear the appendage and place in it in a new envelope and hand it to him personally as it will be a means to get acquainted. Perchance an Indian acquaintance may be of some benefit. Dr. Sahib’s address has been copied in English and Urdu at the conclusion of this letter. I learned that you and he are both in London, however if he is located elsewhere and travelling is too inconvenient then there is no need trouble yourself. Place his letter in an envelope and write a note the substance of which will elucidate that this letter was sent by Zakariya along with my own with the belief that we live in the same town; he [Zakariya] failed to recognise that they are two distinct places as he is not familiar with english and both our addresses were written in english, therefore I am sending his letter by post.   


From his correspondence it appears that he participates in Tablighi Ijtima’at. I was delighted to learn by means of dearest Abdur-Raheem’s letters that you went out to a Tablighi Ijtima for three days. As long as it is convenient by all means participate in the Tablighi Ijtima’at, it will be most beneficial inshallah. Endeavour to keep acquaintances with Tablighi friends, in particular with those who are more religiously inclined.


As yet I am unacquainted with your dining arrangements, are you dining with Khaloo Sahib or have you made separate arrangements? In the interim several letters were received from dearest Abdur-Raheem wherein he writes his intention to return immediately, I replied time and again with respect to the arrangements that will be put in place vis-à-vis the reasons for going out in Shawwal. In his last two letters he wrote in relation to his wife’s insistence on coming with him, I wrote back that she is most welcome, nonetheless you are well aware of the limited room in the women’s quarters, therefore notify her beforehand. He replied to the aforesaid letter reaffirming that his wife is adamant on coming despite the cramped conditions and she says that if you refuse to take me along this time I will write and complain to sheikh, but Khala on the other hand is unwavering in allowing the wife to come along, I am attempting to win her over.


The situation as regards to my illness has been ongoing since Ramadhan, upon your departure and on account of internal fervour my illness amplified. The eyes gave up on me some time ago and now the magnifying glass is no longer of any assistance either. Consequently, as of last Wednesday I transferred the second volume of Bukhari Shareef to Qari Muzaffar. I had intended on doing so last year, but I delayed it on your account. I was also ambivalent this year owing to dearest Abdul-Hafeez Makki, but I have taught the first volume for what is approaching thirty years, dearest Suleiman arrives in the morning and reads one to two pages of chapters to me, which is adequate. The second volume has been completed only twelve to fourteen times and is also more substantial; therefore on consideration merely listening to it would be inadequate.


Dearest Muhammad is in Nizamuddin of late and is well, after touring Bhopal and the surrounding area in Jamaat he has arrived at Nizamuddin. Shabbir was also accompanying him but as his chilla had come to an end he returned from Delhi back to Saharanpur. I took receipt of a letter from Saeed Ingaar, he informs that he is presently sending a visa and ticket for shabbir; hence shabbir is residing in Saharanpur pending their arrival. Once Molvi Saeed Sahib notifies him that the ticket has arrived, after spending a few days in Rander, he will depart for Africa.


Of late there has been an increase in the volume of letters from friends in London. I write and encourage them to acquaint themselves with you; I hope this has not inconvenienced you. A Jamaat from Surat arrived here a few days ago to meet with me; they hope to depart in the next couple of days from Bombay headed for France and then toward London.


Forward my sunnah greetings to your khaloo sahib and khala sahiba and if you are married then to your good wife too. Within your preceding letter there was a segment relating to your khaloo sahib, I responded to it in a previous letter, you will have received it I expect. In your letter there was the word ‘PRE-SUR’ (1) which no one here was able determine as to what it means, neither brother Ikraam or Yusuf Tutli or anybody else for that matter. What is it?


In today’s mail there is a letter from dearest Abdur-Raheem, he writes with regards to his wellbeing and his arrival here on 12th July, as well as a date of 8th July for the verdict in court, there is nothing else. I had intended to write further, but I have developed a headache and if I don’t send this now it will be delayed for an additional day. I also took receipt of a letter from Gulam Muhammad in today’s post, he writes of his wellbeing.


That is all


Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib


Dictated to Ismail


4th Rabi-Uthani 1388/29th June 1968


Sunnah greetings from the writer


(1) PR1 5UR the post code written at the end of the address.








Letter of invitation from Hazrat Sheikh to the lecturers and noble elders of Saharanpur:



Tomorrow on Saturday 9th Rabiu-Thani at 11 o’clock all persons named below are requested to attend the waleemah of Yusuf Surati and inshallah the nikah of dearest Molvi Yusuf will take place today after the Juma prayers in London.


That is all




Dictated to Muhammad Ayub




1. The reverent Principal with Molvi Mahmoodullah and attendant


2. Qari Muzaffar Sahib


3. Molvi Yunus Sahib


4. Molvi Waqar Sahib                                                                   


5. Molvi Yameen Sahib with partner

6. Molvi Abdul Malik Sahib    

7. Al-Haj Mufti Mahmood Sahib


8. Hafiz Surati Sahib


9. Molvi Yakub lecturer at madrassah


10. Hakeem Ayub Sahib with family, especially dearest Aziz and Fadhil


11. Al-Haj Ezaz Khan


12. Imam Masjid


13. Hafiz Furqan Sahib


14. Sheikh Izhaar Sahib


15. Molvi Anwar Surati


16. Molvi Riyadh Surati


17. Mufti Abdul-Aziz Sahib


18. Molvi Abdul-Qayyum Sahib


19. Al-Haj Abul-Hasan with family


20. Munshi Muhammad Umar


21. Molvi Zafar Ahmed Sahib



These persons were invited by way of a note and others were told verbally proclaiming that a waleemah will be held tomorrow and that you also are cordially invited. The respected guests are increasing here by the day; I am informed that the total number is close to 200. Both you and dearest Abdur-Raheem sought to present me with 100 rupees; I reproved the latter by of correspondence, but your remoteness assured the receipt of 5 pounds from your khaloo sahib.


So far as the tribute is concerned then by all means I am grateful, may Almighty Allah reward him, but where your remoteness is concerned I can only assume that you have indubitably failed to grasp my elation at what is certainly a most joyous occasion for you, and nor should you. I pray from the heart that Almighty Allah keep you happy, always. I look forward to hearing news of your situation after the marriage.



That is all, Salaam


Shortly after writing this letter I received a telegram from Molvi Ismail in Dabhel transmitted yesterday on Monday wherein he heralds the birth of a baby boy the same morning. May Allah permit that such an auspicious telegram or letter on a similar subject matter be received from London also.  







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