Volume 1 Letter 72




From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)


To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)


Date: 21st Rabiul-Awwal 1388/17th June 1968




After the sunnah greetings, after much expectancy your letter dated 11th June was received on 17th June, you wrote four days after your arrival there; for which I am of course indebted. I wrote a somewhat detailed letter on a 10 paisa envelope, but seeing as your date of departure was yet undecided and with you being out-and-about meeting and greeting your friends I addressed it to dearest Abdur-Raheem as a precaution, as perchance you were unavailable and also in order that he may perhaps forward it on to you. On Wednesday 5th June I received a card from dearest Abdur-Raheem wherein he informed me of your departure from Surat on Thursday and your departure from Bombay to London on the Saturday. I immediately wrote a card addressed for Bombay; namely the address Abdur-Raheem wrote on the card; for you to receive by Friday, but unfortunately it was not received in time.


On the card I wrote that from time to time unexpected expenses may arise whilst travelling, should any need become apparent while in Bombay take as much as required up to 100 rupees from Haji Yakub Sahib. With reference to this I wrote a card to Haji Yakub Sahib on Wednesday instructing him to give either you or Abdur-Raheem any amount you require, even in excess of 100 rupees if necessary. Haji Yakub Sahib received the letter on Friday and proceeded to phone a myriad of hotels and agents to determine your whereabouts. He was unable to locate you on the Friday, however, on Saturday evening Haji Sahib was informed by telephone that a certain Molvi Sahib from Surat had departed at 8’ o’clock bound for London and another Molvi Sahib had also come for valediction. I learned of this after many days by way of Haji Yakub Sahib’s letter.


Your final card was received on Thursday 6th June in which you notified of your departure from Surat on Thursday and from Bombay on the Saturday, I was unable to find time to reply. As a result of your own card and Abdur-Raheem’s card from Wednesday I was caught up in a reverie since Saturday morning envisioning how you would be airborne, your heart rejoicing from within and yet filled with trepidation at the impending arrival of your destination. However, on Sunday at 11’oclock your urgent telegram was received that was transmitted on Friday wherein it was written ‘There are difficulties.’


That telegram gave me much anxiety and this distress continued until Monday afternoon, I was concerned as to what may have befallen you. However if you had sent an express letter instead of a telegram I would have received it Sunday, Haji Yakub Sahib always writes by way of express letter in order that I receive it no later than Sunday. On Monday afternoon after 24 hours of torment dearest Molvi Ismail searched a large stack of mail and first of all drew out an envelope from Haji Yakub Sahib that had been dispatched on Saturday. He had written all the details which I have mentioned and contained within the envelope was a brief letter from dearest Abdur-Raheem written on Thursday afternoon, he advised of your departure on Saturday morning and in addition detailed his reasons for writing. I was pleased to hear of the trouble-free departure, but the difficulty you encountered with regards to the suit episode worried me for some days.


The letter written on the Tuesday by dearest Abdur-Raheem was received here last Thursday, wherein there was news of your smooth departure, this gave me much consolation. You neglected to inform me if there was any inconvenience upon your arrival resulting from the suit issue. For the hard work Molvi Kifayatullah carried out in ensuring you a smooth departure, may Almighty Allah grant him the best of rewards. The aggravation you suffered en-route from Surat to Bombay gave me cause for concern, although, when one is eager to accomplish something he must be prepared to endure hardship. In contrast I was pleased to hear the plane journey went smoothly. 





You mentioned you read out the Fadhail Durood in the plane, may Almighty Allah accept it, may Allah enable for this to be continued in London as well. I too was disappointed that you were unable to travel for the umra. I was delighted to learn that your Khaloo Sahib has rented a large house for you and that it is near to his, I am yet unapprised if you are the sole occupier or will you be sharing with someone else?


What I am most interested to know is what your schedule is for the day, how exactly are you utilising the 24 hours? May Almighty Allah protect you from the adverse climate there and throughout your stay should He take any religious work from you then it is most advantageous. I am also thrilled to learn that in 10 -15 days the nikah will be taking place, may Almighty Allah bless you thereby and may He bring it to an admirable conclusion, grant love between the said couple and bestow righteous offspring. I’m most eager to hear news of this life changing occasion. I was disappointed to learn of the masjid being some distance away, but as there is a valid reason there is no harm in praying the congregational salaat in the house, nevertheless this useless-one prays for you.


You wrote that you planned to bring some hindi air letters with you but failed to remember in your haste, but then it is completely unnecessary as sending an air letter would necessitate sending a whole envelope, which would subsequently lead to additional expense; therefore, kindly refrain from doing so. Furthermore, until I memorize your address it is imperative that you write your address clearly in English and urdu on each letter. Now, it takes a while for me to memorise addresses therefore in order to write a letter it can often takes some time to look for an envelope.


I wrote to dearest Abdur-Raheem and I now write to you that it is quite unnecessary to write to me and dearest Abdur-Raheem individually. I relentlessly wait for news of your welfare and will do so evermore, but I can learn this from dearest Abdur-Raheem’s correspondence and append my reply therein. Writing a separate letter would only entail further expense. The Juma that you were in Bombay on the very same day the la’me was completed here and the following Juma there was a dinner. You were surely missed in both events.


Communicate my sunnah greeting to your khaloo sahib and convey to him that your foremost letter addressed to myself was received here last year in Jamadi-Ath’Thani, wherein you stipulated that dearest Yusuf is sent directly after the examinations. Following your letter I had a reply written at once and as per your instruction promptly sent him home in order to make arrangements for a passport etc. After this no letters have been received here where I have not responded either personally or through someone and I’m disappointed to learn that you failed to receive my letter. This useless-one prays for you most earnestly, may Almighty Allah preserve you from guile and grant you progress in both worlds. For this end abundant recitation of Durood Shareef without stint is a well tried and beneficial practise. Pass on my greetings to your wife, daughter and sons and this useless-one prays for them most sincerely, may Almighty Allah keep one and all in his protection and safe-keeping. Dearest Yusuf, this servant would write to Abdur-Raheem with regards to one subject or another at Nizamuddin but subsequently learnt that he is no longer at Nizamuddin, apparently he has gone out in Jamaat.


You are indubitably missed in the morning prayers.



That is all, Salaam


Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib


Dictated to Muhammad Ismail


21st Rabi-ul-Awwal 1388


From the writer: After the sunnah greeting, have you met my sister as yet? How are you, did you take your books with you or not? Kindly inform. Communicate my sunnah greeting to my sister, what else can say. I am most needy of your prayers, I have been in poor health for several days, may Almighty Allah have mercy.






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