Volume 1 Letter 70



From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)


To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib and Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib (May their lofty shadows be lengthened)


Date: 13th Rabiul Awwal /9th June 1968



Dearest Molvi Abdur-Raheem and Molvi Yusuf


After the sunnah greetings, on Tuesday I penned a comprehensive letter on a 10 paisa envelope wherein I included particular guidance in relation to London. I wrote dearest Abdur-Raheem’s name on the envelope as a precaution as I was unacquainted with dearest Yusuf’s date of departure. I had the notion that should he perhaps depart ahead of the letter arriving then dearest Abdur-Raheem might enclose it in his own envelope and forward it to London.


On Wednesday I received dearest Abdur-Raheem’s card in which he set down departure from Surat to Bombay on Thursday and Bombay to London on the Saturday, I have immediately had a reply dispatched to the address conveyed to me by dearest Abdur-Raheem; on Thursday I took receipt of a card from dearest Yusuf which enlightened me to the same; It was too late to pen a reply given that on both the cards the date of departure from Bombay was Saturday morning at 8 o’clock.


For the most part Saturday was spent thinking today is the day of departure, I did not expecting any correspondence from London, however, I was anticipating a letter today on Monday from dearest Abdur-Raheem notifying me of a successful send-off and to receive a letter within a week to ten days from dearest Yusuf informing me that all is well, inshallah. However, yesterday on Sunday at 11 o’clock I received an urgent telegram, three days after it was sent, wherein it was reported that it will be very difficult.  


Consequently I am extremely worried and rather bewildered as a result of this telegram with regard to what may have transpired. If on Friday an express card was sent along with the telegram rather than the telegram alone then I would have received it yesterday on Sunday. Haji Yakub Sahibs letters are received here on the most part on a Sunday, he always sends a letter by express delivery on a Friday. Today is Monday and I am eagerly waiting for the post to arrive but I know it is going to come late today and on top of that there are a lot of guests so there that to consider. It is possible that after reading the mail I may not have time to write a detailed letter so I am having this written in the early morning. May god make it possible that I receive a letter in the post otherwise I will be remaining anxious. I am greatly concerned as to what may have transpired.


The address in London written by dearest Yusuf was illegible; brother Ikraam had trouble unravelling it, the last word ‘preswar’ was especially hard to make out. It would be better if you could write the address for London in urdu and elucidate the word ‘preswar’. The word England is nowhere to be seen in your address.


Today after intensely waiting for 24 hours I received your brief letter contained within Haji Yakub Sahibs envelope, through which I received some succour. If alternatively you had sent it express then I would not have had to spend the last 24 hours in anguish. Nevertheless, from your letter I became concerned that God forbid there was any hold-up at London.


I was upset to hear of your illness by way of today’s letter. You failed to enlighten me as to how long you propose to stay in Bombay as this would have facilitated in sending this letter. However, it was written in Haji Sahibs letter that you will be departing tomorrow; therefore, I am sending this to your home address. Tear off the appended letter below and send it to dearest Yusuf and if you should send it by way of air letter have it translated into urdu or gujarati. Sunnah greetings from the writer. Bare Miya sent a letter wherein he writes of his intention to attend the completion of Lami’ and recounted his own part in a little imprudence.           













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