In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful

Volume 1 Letter 7

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Unknown

Date: 13 th Muharram 1385/ 14 th May 1965

After the sunnah greeting, it has been several days since the arrival of the letter requesting an article for the Hazrat Ji supplement. Firstly, the letter arrived so belatedly that I was unable to reply within the date specified in your letter. Secondly, I am neither inclined nor accustomed to writing such articles.

After the demise of Hazrat Madani and Hazrat Raipuri (May Allah enlighten their graves) and on the passing away of other saintly elders, friends insisted on an obituary of their lives, but I would refuse each time. Any article mentioned in their biographies citing me as the source resulted from a compositor enquiring about the details of their respective lives and by my responding according to my cognizance.

The Late Molvi Muhammad Yusuf Sahib was born on 25 th Jamadi Al'Uwla 1335 Hijri/ Tuesday 20 th March 1917 ; the Aqeeqah took place on Monday 2 nd Jamadi Ath'Thani. What can I write other than in the beginning he was my younger brother, my student and under my supervision. As a result of my unseemly and harsh disposition he was fearful of me more so than of his father (my uncle). Furthermore, he might eschew what his father might ask of him, taking advantage of his own youth and his father's paternal delicacy, but he would not snub anything I would ask of him, owing to my harsh temperament. His father would on occasion say, “I want Yusuf to do such and such; he will comply sooner if you tell him.”

Friends in Delhi would insist on uncle to bring his son to a wedding, but the late Molvi Yusuf would be so immersed in his studies he would find the request most disagreeable. If on a certain occasion it was necessary for this useless-one to travel to Delhi he would insist on making me promise stating, “Bhai Ji, don't tell me to go such and such a place.” Moreover, when uncle would ask to bring Yusuf with us, I would have to apologise on his behalf and point out that he has made me promise not to ask anything of him. This was the beginning.

Hereafter, the departed attained great heights and reached the skies reminiscent of an aircraft, while this lowly one could only watch from the ground. After the demise of Uncle he attained to such great spiritual heights that this lowly one and Hazrat Raipuri (may Allah enlighten his resting place) opined that the special nisbat of Uncle has been transferred into him. This of course could be clearly perceived at every instance. After this I could only marvel at his progress.

Since the passing of Hazrat Madani (may Allah have mercy on him) the departed was filled with such ardent zeal that no matter which eminent personage he faced he would put forward his point with immense boldness and without any trepidation. Subsequent to the demise of Hazrat Raipuri (may Allah enlighten his grave) divine theophany and enlightenment was present in his speech and lectures. It is quite possible that these were the fruits of the love and special attention he received from them and the special fondness with which the departed was held by the two great saints.

It is as a result of this type of divine acceptance that this worthless-one gradually came to be in awe of him and found it difficult to refuse his demands when he would insist. Last year, despite my very busy schedule, valid reasons and illness, he insisted that I accompany him on the Hajj and I did not have the courage to refuse. When I asked him if he was aware of my valid reasons, he simply added that he was aware of them, but he would still insist I accompany him.

Toward the end, through the grace and benevolence of Almighty Allah, I also began to perceive things more clearly, these things are not generally written about and I have no intention to.

I want to bring this article to a close by relating a dream seen by a woman. Since the death of the departed many people have seen strange and wonderful dreams, but I think this particular one has proved to be more than evident. This tragedy produced a variety of emotions and they manifested themselves in accordance with one's heartfelt connection, moreover, they were felt in conformity with one's weakness and capacity.

It was said regarding this particular woman that she would not stop crying, she cried incessantly. She would perform her ablution and pray on her rosary. On one occasion, after performing ablution, with rosary in hand she was overtaken with a sudden drowsiness. She saw the dearly departed, he said, “Have you lost your wits, everyone has to die sometime, try to make a connection with you Lord, not with a mere slave.” To this the lady enquired endearingly, “Hazrat Ji! What happened and why so sudden?” the deceased replied “It was nothing, for the last few days whenever I would give a lecture a special divine theophany would manifest to me. On this particular night while delivering a lecture it appeared to me with such magnitude that my heart could not bear it and consequently I suffered a heart attack. Thereafter, a large rose was brought for me to smell and with this my soul left the body. That was all there was to it really.”

That is all.

The dearly departed was first married to my eldest daughter, on 3 rd Muharram 1354 at the graduation ceremony in Mazahir-ul-Uloom. Hazrat Madani (may Allah enlighten his resting place) performed the nikah. The rukhsati did not take place as there was no plan for a nikah until uncle declared at the last minute, “We intend for a nikah ceremony.” Rukhsati took place impromptu about a year later upon the arrival of uncle again without any prior arrangement. Dearest Haroon was born on 23 rd /24 th Ramadhan between the night of Monday and Tuesday at 12.40 a.m. May Almighty Allah through his grace and benevolence grant him the ability to follow in the footsteps of his pious predecessors.

That is all, Salaam

Zakariya, Mazahir-ul-Uloom

13 th Muharram 1385

Dictated to Muhammad Aqil


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