Volume 1 Letter 69




From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib


To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)


From: 6th Rabi-ul-Awwal 1388/2nd June1968




Dearest Molvi Yusuf



After the sunnah greeting, since you departed only one brief card has been received, wherein you wrote: I am writing this card in great haste; I will write in more detail tomorrow. Well, that ‘tomorrow’ is yet to come about. You perhaps don’t have the time on account of the many dinner engagements given by your friends. I did find two lines penned on someone’s letter, wherein, owing to excess ardour you wrote with regard your departure as being the 2nd or 3rd of May, but as that letter was written mid May I rather deduced that it was written from ardent enthusiasm.


At present, the objective of this letter is that during prolonged journeys there is a frequent need for money at crucial moments. I have experienced with friends in the past that on their return from Haj, whilst embarking the ship, how they have commented that they don’t possess enough money to give to the coolies, servants or for the ticket home, however Almighty Allah through his grace and bounty has always granted me aid in all manner of difficulties, even in foreign lands. Therefore, as a precaution I have written to Haji Yakub Sahib No.227 Jamea Masjid Bombay to support you in every way, help you with expenses and if necessary give you up to a hundred rupees from my account. If any need should arise unexpectedly show him this letter and obtain it from him, he is one of my oldest patrons. He has supported my guests and dearest friends exceeding my expectations. May Almighty Allah by his grace and bounty grant him his most benevolent assistance.


I wrote in a preceding letter to kindly inform me of any correspondence address in London, better than that would be your own address, a street name or even a well-known place that any unfamiliar person can find. If you don’t know it now and if you can find the time then kindly inform promptly, currently there are a lot of letters arriving from friends in London and I can introduce them to you.


You will possess all of my Tablighi volumes, the ones you do not have acquire them of dearest Abdur-Raheem and take them with you as it is quite difficult to forward them and have them read out from the outset. If a schedule is in position at the beginning then it will be easy to carry on, however, if you were to fall a prey to nonsense and self-gratification then it will prove difficult to instigate.


Your fathers final words ‘Yusuf say something’ suggest that this is not restricted to me alone, but any son who can be so indifferent to such a caring father, well, what more can anyone else say about him. However, on account of the special bond we have I’m most certainly concerned for you; once you reach there keep away from any distasteful situations. May almighty Allah grant you his all-encompassing protection. After every salaah recite regularly La Howla…. 41 times beginning and ending with Durood Shareef seven times, during any spare time occupy oneself with reciting Durood Shareef. The more Durood Shareef one recites the more he prospers in both the abodes.


I had been contemplating writing to you over many days, but my health has been especially poor over the last fortnight, for a number of days I had been unable to pray in the Masjid and go upstairs for lecturing. The reason I am sending this to Molvi Abdur-Raheem is if you happen to depart for Bombay before this letter finds you then he can send it to London within his own envelope. I feel I have much to write but because of the excessive heat I will not go into too much detail. Should the opportunity to have my books read out not avail itself, then continue to take some time out to revisit them yourself. It will prove most beneficial inshallah.


The leader of the Tabligh Jamaat in London is Haji Mansoor Sahib; I happen to meet up with him during the previous Hajj. Someone else there is Molvi Yakub Kawi Sahib, Molvi Ismail tells me he has some acquaintance with your father-in-law. It is known that he is principally involved in religious propagation, assist him and work with him as much as possible. He resides in Dewsbury.


This correspondence was written in the early morning and intentionally not posted in case a letter from either one of you arrived in today’s mail and I could have the reply written on this as well. On the other hand, where will you find the time to write from your busy schedule, I’m posting this for nothing, yet I hope the dearest has not departed for Bombay yet. A 20 rupees money order arrived in today’s mail from Molvi Gulam Muhammad, though I’m not inclined to cash it, he has also enclosed a letter, however, I have not had the chance to have it read thus far. If you happen to see him express my gratitude and tell him not to trouble himself in future, I suggest he has copied Molvi Abdur-Raheem in the aspect by sending a portion of his first wage.




That is all, Salaam


Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib


Dictated to Muhammad Ismail


2nd Rabiul-Awwal 1388        


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