Volume 1 Letter 68




From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)


To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May Allah lengthen his lofty shadow)


Date: Safar 1388/May 1968






Dearest Molvi Yusuf


After the sunnah greetings, an envelope arrived in yesterday’s post but since it was Juma I could not find any free time to listen to the correspondence. Your own card was in today’s mail, whilst writing a reply I began dictating wit regard to your father at which point Molvi Ismail explained that the author of the envelope has written concerning his own father and accordingly I had to rectify the error. Then I had the letter read out to me and discovered that it was in actual fact concerning your father, Molvi Ismail then began to explain that he had only said it after giving the letter a cursory glance over. In reality Molvi Ismail is unnerved at the sight of the amount of correspondence. I am pleased to hear about father’s states (Hal) mentioned in the letter.


There is one matter that requires your attention, if you happen to meet up with Molvi Taqiuddin then inform that a letter from Haji Yusuf Ingar arrived in today’s mail wherein he writes his generous gratitude in accepting to undertake the expansion of the Masjid. He further writes in reference to his illness and adds that Haji Yusuf Rawat and Molvi Saeed Ingar are arriving.      


It has come to light from dearest Molvi Shabbir that they depart today on the 16th to arrive on the 17th. Haji Yusuf’s sojourn in India will only be for a week; Molvi Saeed will stay a little longer. I could have written a card to you directly but Shabbir’s report is accurate and he will be staying in India for only a week and in that time he will traverse Surat, Tarkesar and intends for Saharanpur as well and you would have departed for Saharanpur before any letter reached you, hence I did not write. After conferring my sunnah greeting to dearest Molvi Abdur-Raheem instruct him to take the pledge (bay’at) from Suleiman Sahib on my behalf and not to wait.


One important thing is make sure you take the Sawanih Yusufi (biography) with you to London and have it recited to those who understand Urdu, Inshallah it will prove invaluable for you and those who hear it. Moreover, take my books of Fadhail which you posses as they take the place of making acquaintance with me. Even though when you reach your destination there is little chance you will remember those left behind, when the day will be Eid and the night Laylatul Qadr, nevertheless it is plausible you may remember us at some stage.


That is all


Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib


May 1968/ Safar 1388      



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