Volume 1 Letter 62




From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Moulana Muhammad Zakariya Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)


To: Hazrat Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib


Date: Muharram-Safar 1388/March-April 1968




After the sunnah greetings, of late it does take a little longer in the mosque after Isha than usual. While helping me up Abul-Hasan said Yusuf has arrived, as there were no report of the imminent arrival of dearest Yusuf I could not immediately place him. Many people of that name were understood to be arriving hence I asked which Yusuf? When I learned that it was our Yusuf it naturally gave me heartfelt pleasure, but on reflection I was not overly happy.


Now, I had explicitly written to you numerous times and also to the dearest above named that as soon as the passport is arranged not to delay in anyway and leave as soon as possible. A letter from his father-in-law had arrived in Jamadi AthíThani advising that he leave straight after the examinations and not to procrastinate further. Since the receipt of the said letter a physical demand has also taken hold within the dearest above named and rightly so!


Furthermore, it has been no more than a few days since I personally took receipt of his father-in-lawís letter wherein he expressed that he is sent as soon as possible and I sent the reply by way of you. In such circumstance it is inappropriate that there is any further unnecessary deferment. In the event that there is continuance of this borrowed life and there is no difficulty in returning on a temporary basis and if dearest Yusuf still recollects me then he may spend the month of Ramadhan here.


If this is inconvenient and if this useless one is destined to be in attendance in the Hijaaz; incidentally petitions from its residents commenced during Ramadhan and in all reality I am thoroughly unworthy of presenting myself there, but the sovereign lord through his grace and bounty has seen fit to invite me many times despite my unworthiness, therefore if my presence is predestined he can come there.


You gave me a directive to write to Hafiz Surati Sahib, thus on the same day I wrote a short memo on your card and the next day I wrote a separate letter and sent it to him using dearest Gulam Muhammadís ten paisa envelope. However, Dearest Yusuf informs me that they arrived together and he disembarked at Deoband and is imminently on his way. Iím a little disappointed as it would have been ideal had the letter arrived in his presence.


May Allah permit the situation at your village to be resolved with the utmost ease and satisfaction as swiftly as possible. I am concerned and upset to hear of your wifeís illness, whilst dearest Yusuf has informed me that she is convalescing and that the bleeding has stopped, nevertheless, I am still concerned. Communicate my Salaam and request for prayers to your wife and khala.


That is all. Salaam††

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