Volume 1 Letter 60




From: Yakub Limbada Sahib, Preston, Lancashire


To: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)


Date: 14th Zi Q’aada 1387/ 13th February 1968




My honourable and esteemed Moulana Hafiz Muhammad Zakariya Sahib, Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, with the grace and bounty of Almighty Allah and through your prayers we are in good health and we beseech Almighty Allah as to your well-being.


I received the dates sent by way of Yusuf, May Almighty Allah grant you an excellent reward. Amen. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for keeping us in mind. The papers to arrange for Yusuf to come are prepared and have been dispatched today. As of now the whole thing rests in the hands of the Indian government. Kindly pray Almighty Allah assists us and brings about a prompt conclusion to this undertaking.


There is one important matter I wish to address that is, within the family unit there is continually someone or other who remains in poor health. My wife contracted small pox twenty two years ago and thence forth her health has been poor, she is in pain practically on a daily basis. Consequently, I would like to request for your prayers, may Almighty Allah grant relief from all manner of ill health. As it is not customary for me to correspond in urdu if there are any mistakes or an oversight on my part then I adjure your forgiveness. That is all. Bear us in mind in the course of your supplications. At present my wife and children send their Salaam please accept them and also accept my own Salaam.



Desirous of your prayers Yakub Limbada


Upon remembering that I had been meaning to ask you about a certain matter; I trust you will instruct me as to the correct course of action. I currently subscribe to the monthly publication from Delhi ‘Astana’ in which there is a commentary on the Holy Quraan; my enquiry is whether the commentary is authoritative, or is there a more authoritative commentary available in urdu? For the sake of benevolence I trust you will direct me. I will be most grateful.




Reply from Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)


Date: Zi Haj 1387/ March 1968


Dearest Molvi Yusuf, after the sunnah greetings, I received a letter from your father-in-law. I considered writing to him direct; however I thought you may have a look at the letter and my reply. Kindly have dearest Abdur-Raheem make a copy of the letter beneath and have it sent in either urdu or gujarati whichever you feel is appropriate. If it is sent in gujarati then write down that he had the reply to your letter written and sent here to be transcribed into gujarati.


After the sunnah greetings, your letter was a source of delight. I am pleased that you have taken receipt of the dates which were sent through the endeavours of dearest Yusuf. I would have found it difficult to find someone to take them. I was overjoyed that you have mailed dearest Yusuf’s completed documentation. I intend for him to leave without delay. May Almighty Allah transport him with the utmost ease, comfort and facility and may the occasion of the marriage be concluded in a most excellent manner. I was saddened upon learning of your wife’s illness; this useless one prays from the heart that Almighty Allah accord her a complete and abiding recovery. Together with the Bismillah recite Alhamdu Shareef, Ayatul-Kursi, and Qul-Authu Birabil-Falak and also Qul-Authu Birabbinas three times after the morning and evening prayers adding Durood Shareef 10 times at the start and finish. Have her recite personally or someone else may recite it and then blow upon her in such a manner as to allow a little saliva to fall upon her, it would be best if the children in the home were also blown upon. This useless one prays continually for you and your family. Ever since relations were established with dearest Abdur-Raheem and Yusuf I have had a connection with all your family members and I pray for you all constantly. I have no information about the commentary that is included in the ‘Astana’, I don’t know who has written it, and as I have not seen the publication I cannot comment on it. At any rate, the commentary of Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi is very authentic and is exceptional. It might be difficult to locate one in India notwithstanding this if you request Abdur-Raheem and Yusuf they will try and find one and forward it, that is if it is agreeable to you. Communicate my sunnah greetings to all your family and especially to Yusuf’s betrothed, this useless one prays for her from the heart.



That is all.                 












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