Volume 1 Letter 56





From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib


To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala sahib (May Allah lengthen his lofty shadow)


Date: 26th Shawwal 1387/ 26th January 1968




After the sunnah greetings, for several days I have been carrying around a card in my                                      pocket in order to write you this couplet: That you’d forget so easily, I could not have





Coincidently Molvi Ismail showed me your card from today’s post, I genuinely wondered whether I was dreaming or if it was real. I have written to you countless times and I have written to your Principal that until you depart for London it would be ideal if a position could be secured at the madrassah, if not then listen to lectures of Hadeeth. There is no mention of this in your letter; on the contrary you allude to coming here, but despite your intense eagerness to meet with me, time after time I have stopped you from coming here. Your health takes precedence over emotions.


I am delighted to hear that you are restoring notes on Mishkaat Shareef, it is most appropriate. You will have numerous notations and it will be pertinent if you could refurbish all of them. If you do come then kindly bring with you the notes on Abu Dawood Shareef .If Molvi Nazeer Ahmed is coming here for learning then he should have come at the very beginning, the enrolment in the madrassa has categorically ended. If he is coming here out of benevolence for me then I am indebted.


In my opinion you should not come here. If there is a delay with your passport then restoring notes on your either at the madrassa or at home in an admirable occupation. No correspondence has yet been received from you for Molvi Ismail. By returning the money you have wronged both of us, me and you. I am upset to learn about the deteriorating condition of your farther, in this situation it is imperative you stay with him. May almighty Allah grant him a full recovery. 





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