††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Volume 1 Letter 52




From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Sahib


To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May Allah lengthen his lofty shadow)


Date: 24th Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak 1387/ 26th December 1967




After the sunnah greetings, I have just received your card which comprises the condition of your illness. It has only increased my consternation. In the preceding letter you penned your intention to come here to which I replied quite vehemently not to do any such thing. Todayís letter supports this viewpoint further, when merely the thought of coming here has led to the return of your illness, you will appreciate that in your condition if this is not putting yourself in harms way then what is?


I entreated you repeatedly at the very beginning of last year that as your health suffers during your visit here, to complete your final year in Rander, to look after oneís health is paramount. Now that you have graduated there is no reason left for you to come here, I sincerely advise you not to come here after Ramadhan. Until the completion of your passport if a placement at your madrassa Jamea can be secured it would be ideal, even if it is unpaid. If this is not achievable then redo any of the key modules from the final year and study a book or two that you have missed until you passport is completed.


I had truly hoped that Ramadhan could have been spent here this year and the last, and you appreciate that after Ramadhan I am occupied in other responsibilities.


That is all, Salaam


Additionally, if you require any money then donít stand on ceremony, write to me. I donít mind either appropriating you the money or you may have it by way of a loan, besides; when you get to London you are certain to become a millionaire! Inshallah. Pay it back when ever itís convenient, I am simply able to offer on a religious basis and not with the capability of a London businessman.


Hazrat-Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib


Dictated to Abdur-Raheem


24th Ramadhan-ul-Mubarak 1387†††



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