Volume 1 Letter 40

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Almighty Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Khala of Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May Allah lengthen his shadow)

Date: 9 th Safar 1387/ 18 th May 1967

After the sunnah greeting, foremost I would like to congratulate dearest Abdur-Raheem upon his marriage, moreover, I was pleased at the simplicity of the nikah. May almighty Allah bless them in their marriage. For making simple arrangements for the nikah, may almighty Allah grant you all a most excellent reward in both the worlds; may Allah make it a means of protection from all contrivance, grant you success in both worlds, confer love between the said couple, and bestow pious issue.

Dearest Yusuf had expressed verbally with regard to the aforementioned nuptials and the resulting debt that accrued. I had a letter written by the previously mentioned and voiced it personally to dearest Abdur-Raheem to apprise me of the amount that has been incurred, without resorting to formality. I will seek to make arrangements from here, and then pay me back when it is convenient. It is no trouble on my behalf and you should not consider it unbefitting on your part. I reiterate the same to you and request that you pen a letter to dearest Abdur-Raheem and Yusuf; I will, on my part hand over the money to them at my end. Dearest Abdur-Raheem is more than a son to me.

I contemplated writing to dearest Abdur-Raheem that on condition it is agreeable to his good wife, to bring her with him. However, on reflection I reconsidered, my humble house is small, and there are an appreciable number of women already. I would not want her to feel intimidated. Coming from an affluent background, she may not be accustomed to an indigent lifestyle. Communicate my sunnah greetings to her, and ask her that if a small house is acceptable then she is more than welcome, and subsequent to her arrival should she deem it unsuitable, dearest Abdur-Raheem will escort her back home; it is no trouble at all.

With regard to dearest Abdur-Raheem and his employment. I wrote from Makkah advising him that I was aware of the placement in Anand, and he should accept it and not turn it down. It seems that his ardour to stay here is overwhelming, moreover; these people are all too overly concerned with my passing away. In reality no one knows when it his moment. In any case, on reflection, the religious boon he acquires during his stay here is in itself a remarkable yield. It is analogous to savings in a bank that may be called upon at an opportune moment. I have no qualms about his leaving for Africa ; I anticipate religious ministration for him there too. In this worthless one's opinion, I do not give much eminence to his employment here. However, if it is something you want to do, then I do not have any reservations.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Saturday 9 th Safar 1387


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