In the Name of Allah The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful

Volume 1 Letter 4

From: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib

To: Hazrat Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib

Date: 26 th Zi-Qa'dah 1384 / 28 th March 1965

Honourable brother Abdur-Raheem Sahib may Almighty Allah augment your knowledge and deeds.

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh Wamagfiratuh

After the sunnah greetings, I received your letter yesterday and was disappointed to learn that you failed to take delivery of this worthless-one's letter, since I had explained everything therein with great detail. I received a letter from our dear mother a few days ago and she is in good health. She had sent us a joint letter in your name sometime ago, perhaps before Ramadhan and was rather concerned at not receiving a reply to date. Furthermore, I am not involved with any society (anjuman) at the madrasah; I am eating well and studying assiduously.

Things in the village are very well and people here are content. Some of the poor-class of the village have left and the farming is going as well as expected. I have not had the opportunity to go for an eye test as yet, but I will try to make arrangements soon inshallah.

I was unable to give your scarf to Molvi Shamsuddin Sahib as I have accrued a little debt due to the treatment I have had. In these last two months I have eaten rice only once or twice. With reference to Rhodesia , brother Muhammad Ali Sahib will be arriving to take a copy of the certificate (sanad), but has not arrived at this time, I will write in the next couple of days. This useless-one is feeling very weak at present, kindly pray for me.

That is all.

Everyone in Naroli is in the best of health. Brother Gulam is a teacher in Naroli and is remunerated 50 rupees per month. I propose to travel to Naroli within the next ten days inshallah. I am very happy at your stay over there for the full year. You are extremely blessed and fortunate that you have had this opportunity, may Allah elevate your status further.

By the grace of Allah I am more inclined to my studies this year than previously; this is owing to your prayers. In consequence to my ill health I try and study as much as possible, the respected teachers here are very sympathetic. Brother Yakub is studying at the madrasah in Tadkeshwar which is now up and running, I believe they have classes up to the second year.

Please try not to concern yourself in relation to me, everything is well. Ali Khanpuri sent some itr through me with a boy from the village; I think it is the one you wanted. Have you written a letter of appreciation? If not, then please do so.

Inshallah I will send itr for yourself and Hazrat Sheikh with someone soon, furthermore, when I reach home for Qurbani Eid I will remit your money and also procure the scarf and present it. Abdul-Aziz has settled 10 Rupees of the twenty I owe you, the rest I will send this week inshallah. I have put at ease, don't worry too much. I wrote two letters, one to you and the other to Muhammad-Aziz, I am not sure whether he has received it or not.

That is all, Salaam

Salaam to everyone especially to Hazrat Sheikh and request him to pray for me and salutations and request for prayers to Molvi Yunus.

That is all

Most contemptible of creatures Yusuf Narolwi


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