Volume 1 Letter 34

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Al-Haj Muhammad Saleem Sahib, Makkah Mukarramah

Date: 25 th Shawwal 1386/ 5 th February 1967

Dearest Al-Haj Muhammad Saleem Sahib

After the sunnah greetings, the issue pertaining to my Haj had been decided in advance, in Muharram. It was decided unanimously that my stay in Saharanpur , if not Nizamuddin itself, was paramount. Brother Shameem was informed in relation to this through the many letters I had written to him; what's more, I notified the many acquaintances who would also enquire of me. Throughout the year, countless friends related their dreams and visions pertaining to my Haj, nonetheless I cautioned them, dreams and visions are not constrained to a particular time. The realisation of Hazrat Yusuf‘s (peace be upon him) dream was not fulfilled until many years later. Even the dream relating to the umra of our Prophet (Peace be upon him) was not realized until a year had passed.

The people at Nizamuddin, specifically Molvi Ubaid-ullah and Molvi Muhammad Umar Sahib would intermittently ask me to reconsider the decision. I would call their attention to the fact that when a consultation (mashwara) has taken place consisting of peoples from Mecca , Medina , Calcutta , and Bombay and also from within and outside India , it is not becoming to volte-face what such a large body of men have decided. Especially when they have made a decision for the expediency of all concerned. Hence, it would be inappropriate for you and I to alter it.

My days were passing quietly by, until your letter dated 26 th January arrived here on the 29 th , this letter instantly perturbed me. I began to envisage in my heart and in my mind's eye events of yesteryear. I am in turmoil. What a time you have chosen for this consideration, I had little time as it was, now I have none.

During the era of the late dear Molvi Yusuf Sahib, this worthless one had declined to go because of ill health. Nevertheless, together with his physical insistence, his spiritual assertion was so potent that my passport was completed miraculously. Though my condition, evidently, is more advanced these days, I told dearest Molvi In'am, that if you say to me “You travelled with Yusuf but not with me” inshallah I am prepared to accompany you, though I am at death's door. Fortunately, for me, he took into account my circumstances and various other reasons and was kind enough to put me at ease right from the initial consultation that he would not insist on my coming.

Nonetheless, dearest Molvi In'am requested that my passport be renewed, just in case. I had no objections; however, it would not be out of place for me to say here that perhaps it is not the divine will for me to go this year. The passport that was miraculously completed in a single day was now lost at the time of renewal. Friends here, namely, Abul-Hasan and Hafiz Siddiq were adamant that they had personally handed it to Moulana In'am Sahib, and yet Moulana In'am Sahib insisted that he did not receive it. We searched for it here, as did our friends at Nizamuddin, but it could not be found. Babu Eyaz Sahib requested for some photos from dearest Abdul-Hasan Sahib in order to requisition a photocopy from the office, but this has not brought any results thus far.

On one hand, there are letters from the people in Bombay asking how many people are travelling with me? When will I arrive? How many days will I be staying? Moreover, there are people en route, from here all the way to Bombay are asking me to stay a day here a day there. This worthless one is left pondering, the mashaikh unanimously state that when one receives without asking and declines it, it is thereafter withheld even after asking for it. I am rather fearful, your generosity and my reluctance to do what is right could result in perpetual disappointment for me henceforward. Moreover, you can appreciate how one feels when he has designs on reaching Medina , and the means of reaching there come about all by themselves.

Regardless, presently I am like a dead body in the hands of bathers, I will wait to see if this sinner's name is listed among the lovers by Sha'ban, if it is, then I will certainly be in attendance. Reason being, that all instruments and means are in the hands of the Agent of Provision, if my evil deeds are excessive then try as we may, we can do nothing. The ego and Satan endeavour incessantly to hinder any attempt to attend, through their deceit and cunning.

The most important issue is the question of the Bukhari Shareef in the Madrassa. One Sahib, a teacher of Hadith at a different madrassa, has reportedly come here to read Bukhari Shareef, after giving them an ultimatum, either you let me go or accept my resignation. In addition, others have come here thinking that we are some sort of beacon of light. One sincere devotee (M. Yusuf Motala) who was very popular at his madrassa has come here even though it meant upsetting his elders, the la'me (book) brought by him has arrived at such an opportune time that it would be a shame not to complete it. I do not consider it apposite to leave here because of a dream. If I do come, then I would hope to spend as much time there as possible. Please continue to pray for me. This worthless one had begun to ask Allah for right guidance (Istikhara) since Muharram. However, following the arrival of your letter, I have increased this to several times a day.

Yesterday's mail included two letters from yourself, one was registered post and both dated 15 th Shawwal, they were received here on Saturday 23 rd. We have the 23 rd as a Saturday but you have Thursday 15 th Shawwal written on your letter. Doctor Ismail Sahib, who incidentally arrived a week ago, says he personally completed the Eid prayer in Medina on a Wednesday and it was the same in Mecca . I am not going to affirm who is right and wrong as both live in a most blessed place.

You have penned that Brother Shameem is intent on writing a detailed letter, kindly convey my salutations to him. However, does he think it beneath him to take the trouble to append a brief note of acknowledgement onto your letter?

On 3 rd Shawwal I sent a registered letter to Mamu Yameen Sahib, it would have arrived by 15 th Shawwal, for peace of mind there should have been included an acknowledgement of receipt within your letter. It has been a week since Molvi Izhar admitted Rashid bin Sufi Iftikhar for enrolment in the Madrassa, he is currently studying the intermediary books Mukhtasar, Hidaya etc he brought with him dearest Talha's wife and Misbah's daughter, and they are both still here.

The family has now learnt of your letters, I had been meaning to show them, albeit reluctantly. Your previous telegram almost gave Talha's mother a heart attack. According to Hakim Ilyas whenever the women folk in our household learn of my imminent arrival, they begin to tremble with anticipation. I am not responsible for informing them about the telegram, they found out by way of the children, who let it slip. Consequently, on learning of your letters they are quite eager to read them.

Furthermore, since Ramadhan this unworthy-one has been preoccupied with his physical ailments, which incidentally have worsened, especially the discomfort in my legs. This has made it impossible for me to go for the morning prayer; consequently, I pray it in congregation in my quarters. Coupled with this, there is the spiritual disquiet within.

I implore with utmost sincerity that you and all my dearest friends pray for me, may Allah grant me His auspices in respect to whatever good He decides for me. Please communicate my salutations to all, especially to the women folk.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Abdur-Raheem

25 th Shawwal 1386


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