Volume 1 Letter 32

From: Moulana Muhammad Saeed Sahib (May Allah have mercy on him)

Principal at Jamea Husainiya Rander

To: Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib

Date: 1386/1966

Dearest Molvi Abdur-Raheem Sahib

After the sunnah greeting, may almighty Allah keep you happy and content. Kindly purchase 25 copies of Fadhail Durood Shareef, if you happen upon someone coming this way then please send them. How much money should I send? Is the print of Fadhail Quran satisfactory, it is a reproduction of the copy at Delhi Markaz. Kindly inform if it is an improvement on the latest Saharanpur edition. Please communicate my salutations to Hazrat at an opportune moment; kindly entreat him to pray for the students, Jamea, and myself. I am unwilling to write to him myself, as he will feel obliged to reply. Send my salaams to our acquaintances.

Muhammad Saeed Randeri


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