Volume 1 Letter 31

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Unknown

Date: 4 th Sha'ban 1386/ 17 th November 1966

After the sunnah greeting, I received your lengthy letter. You are well aware that my eyesight is weak; I struggle to read even with the aid of a magnifying glass. Further, what you have heard about this sinner is untrue, without any false humility and feigning, the essential reason that I avoid closing ceremonies is that I do not wish to be the source for the prayers of the attendees being rejected. Nonetheless, People attach importance to this useless one, hence I feel obligated to attend.

I expect you have heard this directly from Hazrat Raipuri(May Allah have mercy on him) himself, how on one occasion, Hazrat visited Peeran Kleer for a forty-day retreat, and after a lengthy period of meditation he repeatedly heard by way of illumination, ‘What you sow is what you reap.' My Hazrat wrote to me one time: My example is that of a reservoir tap, the more capacity one possesses in taking the water the greater the benefit received. Like the tap, I am merely an instrument, this is indeed the reality.

You penned that you consider the work of Tabligh both a path to advancement and regression; this is indeed correct. Observably, the work of Tabligh is most certainly a means to further progress; the endeavours you make therein will be instrumental in your development, inshallah. However, bear in mind two things; you must always be wary never to inculcate within yourself an iota of arrogance, as Satan is quick to influence anyone involved in religious work, in particular Tabligh. Furthermore, to carry out this work it is imperative you have a connection to the power plant, namely Nizamuddin.

I am pleased that you have intended to come and spend some time here. This worthless one prays fervently that Almighty Allah grant you his auspices with ease. Please impart my sunnah salutations to your good wife and children.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Abdur-Raheem

4 Sha'ban 1386


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