In the Name of Allah The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful

Volume 1 Letter 3

From: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib

To: Hazrat Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib

Date: 22 nd Muharram 1384 / 1 st June 1964

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Dearest and most honorable brother Abdur-Raheem

After the sunnah greetings, I have received several of your letters in quick succession, and it gave me immense pleasure reading them. Abdus-Sattar arrived eight days before my own arrival here; therefore I could not send the naan khathai and other food stuffs. [Then] the evening I went to Surat he came here and upon my arrival I learned he was departing the very next morning, consequently, I could not send the clothes etc. Nevertheless, an English student from Valachha who frequently visited you and has some acquaintance with Hazrat Sheikh Moulana Ahmadullah Sahib will arrive soon, as well as a student from Dabhel, so Inshallah I will send it at some point.

The worry and concern which you expressed is completely without foundation, the reason being is that you have not read my letter correctly, and so have failed to grasp its true meaning. It was certainly not in relation to what you had expressed in your reply; rather my point was refuting your claims of becoming weak by eating less. Moreover it has been my practice for a few months now, and by grace of Almighty Allah I am well.

Now to the matter concerning Hazrat Sheikh, I swear that I had already made up my mind to travel to Surat in the next couple of days and in the interim your letter arrived. In any case, I am in the process of writing the counsel [mashwara] of Hakim Fakhruddin Sahib to Hazrat Sheikh; I will not write what the guidance was in this letter, as I am sure you will be informed of it in due course inshallah. Please do not worry about my health as Allah is extremely Merciful and Bountiful .

No letters have been received from Africa , neither here nor in Naroli. If you have received anything then do please inform me. Allah has blessed Molvi Sarkar with a son, they named him Yusuf. Brother you mentioned that you have not received Noor-ul-Aynee [colyrium] and ….…, that is because I have not posted them to you yet. With regard to the Sharhu Munyatil Musalli [book] that was an oversight, it should have gone to a student at Dabhel. Shabbir did not give me the Noor-ul-Aynee and coupled with the fact that I am in considerable debt I have been unable to send you the aforementioned things. I also could not send Hazrat Sheikh's ittar for the same reason. Inshallah in a couple of months after paying off the debt I will send what I can.

Brother those trousers are only two inches tight what's the difficulty in that? It might be awkward initially but I am sure you will get used to it. Your tendency is to wear the lunghi so it is not something you will be wearing regularly, but if it is still not suitable; then we will reconsider. The three monthly examinations will commence on Tuesday lasting three days, kindly make dua. I am writing this letter in haste as I was awake ‘till 2.00 a.m. last night and the need to sleep is overwhelming.

If at all possible kindly send a letter to Varethi. I have sent the certificate (sanad) to Varethi, but as yet there has been no letter. Molvi Saeed Sahib was enquiring with regard to your return; I told him it will be next year.

I have benefited immensely through reading Tazkiratul Khaleel; it has particularly increased my love for Hazrat Sheikh, may Allah make it spiritually beneficial for me. The mangoes this year are very expensive; Langra (type of mango) which is normally 10 Rupees for 40 lbs is currently 100 Rupees.

Kindly continue to supplicate for this worthless one with regards to progress in both knowledge and practice. You are in a truly blessed place, may Allah grant me the same enthusiasm to spend the rest of my life with Hazrat Sheikh and may he grant me the love of His pious servants.

That is all, Salaam

Yusuf Narolwi

Next week Salih ……. is getting married. Do not be concerned about me in the least as most of the students here treat this worthless one with great affection.


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