Volume 1 Letter 29

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Unknown

Date: 18 th Rajab 1386/ 1 st November 1966

After the sunnah greeting. I presently received your letter; however, the stamp you enclosed for the reply is used for judiciary receipts and not suitable for correspondence. By the grace of Almighty Allah, this humble servant has never had cause to be involved in judicial matters. Molvi Naseeruddin has taken the ticket saying he will make use of it. Consequently, I shall reply by way of envelope and not by card as I initially intended.

I felt disappointed after reading your letter, there was so much hope for you in the beginning, and you had made so much progress. On the topic of nisbat, this useless-one had expounded on it during Ramadhan after the Isha prayers. There are four categories of nisbat and if you are able to attend during Ramadhan, I will inform you of the same. I try to explicate on this topic at least once as many acquaintances are unsure.

The Reflective Nisbat is easily achieved by repeated zikr and spiritual exercise. Above this is the Illuminative Nisbat, again this is quickly achieved by means of attention from the mashaikh. In addition to this unworthy one, Hazrat Raipuri (May Allah enlighten his resting place) was also especially attentive towards you. Besides, you may remember that in one gathering Moulana Ashfaq Raipuri Sahib commented on this special attention, which this humble servant deemed premature and turned out to be perilous for you. Reason being, one may attain to a particular nisbat quite easily, and acquire it quickly, but its safeguard and continuance is very difficult.

Undoubtedly you have read the writings of Hazrat Thanvi (May Allah enlighten his resting place), then you also know regarding his deputies, and how on a yearly basis he would purge a number of names from the list because they were preoccupied in other lines of work. Mine own humble experience with certain friends in these matters is that for a period of time they make sound progress, however, perhaps due to a heavy work schedule or because of Satan's machinations, who whispers notions of self-conceit, vanity and delusions of grandeur, further progress thereafter is cut short.

It is customary with the mashaikh that after the attainment of nisbat they are never quick to confer permission (Ijazat), on the contrary they wait until permanence is achieved. Subsequently, should Almighty Allah will for an individual to make progress and he desires to take some service from him, his capacity continue to increase. Moreover, from whom service is not required progress comes to a halt upon attaining the nisbat.

What you have written i.e. that states (Hal) are dependent upon nisbat, is quite incorrect. On the contrary, states arrive from the outset and nisbat is attained at the end. Besides, it is not essential for nisbat to be attained simply by way of Illumination; rather, the initial stages are achieved by means of abundant zikr , the stages of Illumination come after that. Because of the connection with your pious elders, this unworthy-one has high expectation of you becoming akin to them. Nevertheless, this useless-one's expectation cannot affect anything; it all depends on ones exertion. On one occasion the Prophet (Peace be upon him) asked a man to solicit him for whatever he wished, “Your company in paradise,” he answered, to which the Prophet (Peace be upon him) replied, “Then assist me with abundant prostrations.”

The hardest thing to achieve is the eradication of one's anger and pride; these two things depart only at the end. May Almighty Allah protect us. Our elders have written that the last spiritual malady to depart is the love for fame. We are always calling ourselves unworthy, useless, fakir etc but these things are better instilled in the heart than on the tongue.

In any case, this worthless-one is not completely disinclined to praying for you, and giving you my attention, rather, I was merely upset that after making such progress how it is that you became preoccupied elsewhere. May Almighty Allah make this unworthy one and yourself worthy of His service. Confer my salutations to your good wife. This useless one prays for her too. Abundant recitation of Durood Sharif is a safeguard from deception, and is a means in aiding one to accomplish ones goals and to bring success in this world and the next. Endeavour to be habitual in reciting it and exhort your friends and family.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Abdur-Raheem

Wednesday 18 Rajab 1386


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