Volume 1 Letter 27

From: Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib

To: Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib

Date: Rajab 1386/ October-November 1966

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

After the sunnah greetings. I had just finished writing to you below Hazrat's reply letter, and in the process of posting it, when Hazrat presented me with your card and reply card. I was somewhat surprised to hear dear father is still in hospital, and waiting to be discharged; Molvi Riyadh stated he would stay up to 15-20 days after the operation, it has exceeded that. At any rate, by the time you get this letter I expect him to be discharged, inshallah.

Further, Molvi Munawwar Sahib has written to you in the additional enclosed card. This unworthy one has built up a good rapport with him. On occasion Hazrat mournfully recalls your departure and failure to return. Yesterday upon handing me this letter, he revealed his sadness and remarked, “I took even longer, in the beginning when I left here for home I returned after an absence of 18 years.”

Dear brother, I do not think there is even a year left. A few days ago, while speaking with Haji Gulam Rasul of Calcutta , Hazrat recalled the episode from his last haj of ‘Return to India , when the time comes we will call you,' and he remarked, “I did not go in order to return.”

You may remember that during Ramadhan, after the Taraweeh prayers as I recollect, Hazrat declared that I bid you all farewell. Therefore, we can infer from these statements and accounts, god forbid, that there is hope for even one more Ramadhan. Yesterday at around 12 o'clock Hazrat was preparing for his bath and we were busy pressing his holy feet and he proclaimed, “The lovers (Hajis) have started to gather.” Then crying profusely, he repeatedly recalled an Urdu poem, ‘But for thy consent, I would present myself,' until he could no longer speak.

For these reasons, summon the courage and make an intention to spend this last year in Hazrat's service. To date you have spent a long time here, so what is a few more months. I say this only in view of the fact, due to my lack of providence, nay my lack of competence, I have been unable to acquire any benefit in my stay here, I practice little if any zikr, etc, nor am I absorbed in learning. I have nothing to show for my time here.

The others here, in particular Molvi Ismail are reaping the benefits, Molvi Gulam remains constantly occupied. The prescriptive prayers you and he started are always completed; even the lesser litanies are seldom neglected.

God willing that you become a source of pride for a sinner like me, by no means consider this as formality.

That is all.


Kindly pray for me.

… Just as Allah is the Concealer of sins, Hazrat too covers my faults and accords me abundant kindness.


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