In the Name of Allah The Most Compassionate The Most Merciful

Volume 1 Letter 2

From: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib

To: Hazrat Moulana Abdur-Raheem Sahib

Date: Muharram 1384 / May 1964

My dearly respected and honourable brother Molvi Abdur-Raheem Sahib, may Almighty Allah elevate your status.

After the sunnah greetings, I write to confirm that I received your letter a few days ago. However, as I had gone home on temporary leave I was unable to reply. Thus forgive me. The reason for my leave was that Nani, Nana and Hajra Khala (their daughter) have returned from Haj and they had insisted on my coming home. With the grace of Almighty Allah they are all very well now. The people in the village have come to a truce and there is peace at present, hence there is nothing to worry about at all.

No letter has been received in Naroli from Africa . We are all anxious in anticipation of its arrival. I will forward you the same as soon as it is received here, inshallah. I am enclosing in this dispatch 20 Rupees which have been sent for you from home.

I was delighted to receive the letter from Hazrat Sheikh written by your most venerable hand. Hazrat considers the forgoing of the afternoon meal as something to give consideration to. Brother, I have been missing my afternoon meal for nearly three months and by the grace of Almighty Allah I have not felt any weakness as a result. Rather I feel it necessary to reduce my intake from the evening meal too. I abstain from the afternoon meal because when food is placed before me; I am such a slave to my nafs, Allah forbid! Furthermore I am unable to merely reduce the amount of food intake in accordance with the advice of the Mashaaikh. Whenever I sit to eat I cannot help but eat excessively, to the extent that it becomes a source of great loss with regards to my worldly affairs, religious duties and health, so for these reasons I consider it best to refrain altogether. [Though] When at home or a special occasion I make allowances and eat regularly, this does not affect my digestion in the least.

You enjoined upon me to keep good relations with Shabbir, I try to please him to the best of my ability and we get on fine. In any event, he is my benefactor and accordingly I respect and honour him. I consider myself deficient in every way and it is possible that I fall short of his expectations of me. With reference to your query about relations with Ali Patel, I can confirm dear brother; I had kept, as is my habit, cordial relations with him as per necessity , Now however, I don't know why but maybe since I do not have associations with his friend Abdul-Aziz he ignore me completely. I gained what I wanted, what further need is there?

I try to observe my prescriptive prayers as much as possible. Kindly supplicate for me as the three monthly exams are imminent and I want to apply myself to serious study, may Allah assist me. The student from Kafletar had departed with the fresh naan khathai some days ago, who knows what has become of them. In any case, someone else will probably be coming from here, if Allah grants me the opportunity and generosity I will send some.

I deeply regret not being able to do justice to my studies, but this regret does not turn into any positive action, may Allah have mercy. At home on one occasion I went to sleep in the afternoon with wudhu, facing the qiblah. I dreamt that I was carrying Noorul-Anwar and Hidayah. Carrying the Noorul-Anwar was effortless, but the Hidayah became heavier in my hand and it consequently began falling toward the ground. There was mud on the ground and one corner of the book became soiled.

The interpretation is quite obvious. May Allah enable me to fulfil the rights that are due to my studies. With the grace of Almighty Allah I am physically well, but I need to continue to exert myself wholly to my spiritual affairs. I wrote a letter to Molvi Kifayatullah Sahib, but I am unsure if he is in receipt of the same or not. For now please give my Salaam to Hazrat Sheikh and ask him to make dua for me. I made arrangements for dua to take place for the health of Hazrat Sheikh after Khatme-Quraan and Khatme-Khwajgan.

That is all

Yusuf Narolwi


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