Volume 1 Letter 149

From: Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

To: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

Date: 30 th Jamadi-Aluwla 1389/13 th August 1969  

After the sunnah greeting, this lowly one is in good health, I trust Hazrat is in health. As pointless at it seems to spin a yarn, but after taking leave of Hazrat, whatever I deserved to bear, I have endured and continue to brave even now. May Almighty Allah through his good grace and bounty allot Hazrat a long and healthy life and may I avail of the opportunity to associate with and attend to Hazrat as long as possible. Ameen.

On departing from Jeddah, I arrived in Dhahran via Riyadh. On leaving Dhahran at 5:50, we soon ran into engine problems and returned to Dhahran at 7:15. The required component, requisitioned by telephone and air lifted to Dhahran, took time to repair. At 12:30 Arab Time I departed from Dhahran and arrived in Bombay at 5:30. Alhamdulillah, with Hazrat’s prayers I arrived safely in Bombay and cleared customs in no time at all.

Subsequent to clearing customs, I arrived at the masjid in Khokha Bazaar, 10 minutes prior to the morning call to prayer, where I chanced upon Molvi Hassan Sahib and Abdul-Qadeer Sahib. After the Morning Prayer, I met Haji Yakub Sahib and took six from him, and handed Hazrat’s letters to him for mailing. I handed them to him since businesspersons belong to an association and their mail is dispatched through secure means. Hence, instead of mailing it myself I thought it pertinent to ask him.

This lowly one held back the letter intended for Moulana Munawwar Sahib, I shall post it today, inshallah. This humble one handed ten Rupees to Haji Yakub Sahib in order he forward a letter on my behalf to Hazrat recounting my good health. I trust it has reached you. Upon parting, Brother Abul-Hasan instructed me to give the machine and prayer mats to Haji Ji. Yet, since this lowly one forgot to ask Hazrat about the machine, I handed the prayer mats to Haji Ji, and brought Hazrat’s machine safely along with me, so on the occasion that I revisit, I shall hand it to him personally, inshallah. Furthermore, I returned the ticket for Bahrain to Haji Ji.

On departing from Bombay, I arrived safely home after Zuhr Salat at 3.oo PM. I since learned that six days ago khala’s health deteriorated severely, it was feared that her end was nigh. However, Almighty Allah is benevolent and after receiving an injection from the doctor she recovered somewhat. On hearing about this, my wife, driven by her father, arrived here yesterday. Khala Sahiba is currently confined to her bed and receiving medical treatment. She sends her sunnah greetings and requests supplication. My wife sends her salutations and requests supplications on her behalf.

Within a day or two, this lowly one intends to travel to Surat to see a specialist, kindly pray that Almighty Allah grants an abiding and enduring recovery. Thereafter, may he confer upon me the opportunity to benefit from Hazrat’s service until such time (May Almighty Allah grant him a long and healthy life) his lofty shadow extends over us.

Hazrat! Allah alone knows if this was my true intention when undertaking this trip. I have abandoned Hazrat’s blessed proximity along with a most blessed place. However, who will intercede for me now?

I cherish hope that Hazrat will not overlook this sinner when favouring me with his eminent attention and kind regard. I consider my success in both abodes resting on the grace and favour of Almighty Allah and Hazrat’s kind prayers and benevolence. One, who despite his unbecoming airs, considers Hazrat his benefactor, intimate, and with all his heart and mind regards Hazrat’s love as a prerequisite for salvation.

I trust that through your kind grace you will forgive this servant and accept these few lines as a reflection of my spiritual state. May Allah accord you good health, contentment and grant you a long and peaceful life. Further, may he present me the opportunity to associate with you in this world and the next.

Convey salutations at the Holy Mausoleum.

That is all. Salaam

Supplicant of the Divine Court

Abdur-Raheem Surati

13 th August 1969


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