Volume 1 Letter 148

 From: Brother Muhammad Haneef Amla Sahib

To: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Date: Unknown

Asalamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

After the sunnah greeting, I trust Hazrat is in the best of health. Although this lowly one has resided here for a number of years, I persisted in living my life in conformity to the Lower Self and Satan. Now, the heart yearns to hold fast onto Hazrat’s apparel that perchance the remaining days of my life are spent in obedience to Allah and his true Messenger (Peace be upon him). Thereupon, I most humbly request Hazrat to take my fealty and accept me as his disciple. I cherish hope that you will sanction my petition.

Further, this lowly one saw a dream that I humbly wish to put forth to Hazrat for interpretation. The Dream: This humble servant is praying the congregational prayer behind Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Sahib, he proceeds to commit an error, and the prayer must be repeated. During the repeated prayer, I see a magnificent hall with grand staircases, arranged in such a way that people stood looking from above can see persons on the staircase below. Moulana is leading the prayer but instead of standing with his back to us, as is customary, the Moulana is leading facing the congregation and me. During the prayer, I was curious as to how the bowing and prostration are to be performed since the moulana’s head and our heads are likely to collide. Whilst ruminating on this dilemma, this servant awakened.

That is all.

Your servant Muhammad Haneef Amla

Response from: Hazrat Sheikh (May Allah enlighten his resting place) send via dearest Abdur-Raheem.

Kindly request dearest Yusuf to take the oath of fealty in absentia. The first part of the dream is auspicious for you; by following in dearest Yusuf’s footsteps, you will receive spiritual benefit. To err is human, may almighty Allah protect you and dearest Yusuf and me. I could not understand the interpretation of the second part of the dream given by Molvi... Sahib. Rather the interpretation is that dearest Yusuf’s spiritual attention is especially turned toward all of you, may Almighty Allah bless you therein. Your concern as regards the bowing and prostration and their execution is indicative of the concern for your faith. Kindly forward the other letter to dearest Yusuf. Write therein, your spiritual attention toward your friends is indeed blessed. However, one should endeavour to protect the prayer from distracting thoughts and whisperings. This useless-one continues to supplicate for your advancement and protection from machination. In relation to the books from Bombay, I eagerly await your acknowledgment of their receipt.


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