Volume 1 Letter 145

To: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

From: Gulam Muhammad Bhatti Sahib

Date: Rabi-Uthani 1389/June 1969

To the care of my dearest and most learned master, asalamualikum. I received your letter following your departure from Makkah Mukarramah to Pakistan. I conveyed your message, as instructed, to Moulana Yusuf Sahib in Bolton,. You further requested that I keep acquaintance with Moulana Yusuf Sahib and I have maintained to do so. This humble slave ventures to visit on a Friday and Sunday. I have three children, Mahmud-ul-Hasan is 17 ½, Zeenat-un-Nisa aged 10 and Muhammad Umar 9. My wife is Zainab Bibi. We all try to visit periodically to extend our salutations.

I seek to inform Moulana Yusuf Sahib in relation to any difficulties that I experience in this transient world, for instance the pain that I felt in my joints after my illness etc. Moulana Yusuf Sahib requested a loan of £200 pounds for a house, which I loaned him forthwith. When Moulana Abdul-Ahad arrived in the U.K for donations for his madrassa, this lowly slave assisted him as much as feasible both physically and financially. It is through his benevolence and commitment that I have the honour of becoming your disciple.

I most graciously request that you supplicate on my behalf, may Allah avail me the opportunity to assist his servants physically and financially. Further, may he enable me to fulfil the rights of my wife and children, leave this land of unbelievers, and settle in Pakistan along with my family. Kindly pray that he relieve me of debt and grant me success in this world and the next. Ameen.

May Almighty Allah have mercy on the entire Muslim populace and grant them an upper hand against the unbelievers. Ameen. Furthermore, kindly supplicate for health and sustenance. Asalamualikum.

Desirous of your supplications

Your lowly disciple

Gulam Muhammad Bhatti

Response from: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

Date: 3 rd July 1969/18 th Rabi Uthani 1389

I was disappointed to learn that Molvi Yusuf requested you for a loan; you should have refused, particularly when you owe money. There was no blame on your part had you refused, it was out of necessity. I shall supplicate for you and for dearest Yusuf Motala’s liabilities. Kindly send it to dearest Molvi Abdur-Raheem Sahib.


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