Volume 1 Letter 142

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)

Date: 2 nd Rabi-Uthani 1389/17 th June 1969

Dearest Honourable Moulana Yusuf Sahib

After the sunnah greeting, presently I have received two air letters concurrently, one from Friday and Monday respectively. A person by the name of Sulaiman Saeed Adam Sahib arrived some 15 days ago by car and proceeded to inform me that he intended to return by car. This pleased me a great deal, as I had the notion of sending Zam Zam and a generous quantity of dates. I requested his kind permission and he willingly agreed to take them. I duly purchased some high quality dates and a plastic drum that I had filled with Zam Zam for you.

He assured me of his return within the week. It was later when I asked about his whereabouts that I learned he was in Jeddah. He eventually returned a couple of days ago and advanced that he will no longer return by car, as it will prove too arduous. He presently proposes to leave the car behind and travel by truck via the dirt road; regrettably, he will be unable to take much baggage. This was very disappointing to say the least. The bag of dates was placed before him and he was asked to take as much as practicable; he took close to 5 kilos and offered to put it along with the rest of his luggage; however, he suggested that the quantity of Zam Zam was too much for him.

In addition, he also stated that the drum would be difficult to lift because of the dearth of servants; therefore, he requested if I could purchase a smaller drum, one he could hang around his neck. I requested he purchase one for me, since he knew more about it than I and gave him three Riyals accordingly. Yet, it has been two days since any news of his whereabouts. He took the dates along with him, God willing you should receive them, as for the Zam Zam I do not know whether arrangements can be made to send it to you.

The monetary gift of £5 and the bottles of Itr for Abdur-Raheem and this servant are well received and I have written a letter of acknowledgment thanking you for your welcomed offering. Kindly pay no regard to dreams, if one sees a laudable dream he should be appreciative, if one sees a distressing dream he must recite the T’awwuz and spit toward his left as instructed in the Hadith. Tens of people see this useless one in their dreams; I for one do not see many dreams and I do not inform people when I have seen a dream.

Your first dream you related is where someone is giving a lecture and the Holy Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) bier is present among you. Evidently, the Holy Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) bier denotes the demise of his noble sunnah and the passing of his hand repeatedly over his noble countenance is a manifestation of the grief and anguish effected on his holy spirit in consequence of the condition of the muslims. Your own disquiet and sadness demonstrates your lament of the condition of our religion. May Almighty Allah revive our faith and grant succour to the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Your second dream wherein you are seated in the midst of books is symbolic of your progression. An order for your execution intimates antagonism from the irreligious and crying profusely bethinking your sins is most laudable. You penned that you have written four or five times, yet this humble servant only recalls two letters addressed to me and one registered to dearest Abdur-Raheem. Regardless of whether they are addressed to dearest Abdur-Raheem or me I respond to each letter on the same day.

I have received your registry of £51. No correspondence addressed to Abdul-Hafeez has been received here; he is at hand and denies any knowledge, perhaps you have failed to recall correctly. There was a letter addressed to Abdul Hafeez in Abdur-Raheem’s registered mail. I was delighted with the news that your good wife has convalesced. If your father-in-law is in attendance then kindly extend my sunnah greeting to him, this lowly one supplicates for him heartily. Brother Padia is still here and we meet daily, he will depart for Africa on Saturday.

You ordered some food and drink items to send to me, kindly refrain from doing so. Friends often bring foreign food and drink items for me and I refuse them each time. Last night an acquaintance brought some Indian cheese for me that I proceeded to distributed among friends. Yonder I am not fortunate enough to receive Medinise goods, then how can we sit here and eat food items from the (land of the) unbelievers. I yearn to send you things from here, but I cannot find anyone to take them. You did the pertinent thing by purchasing and utilising those things and remitting the money, nevertheless sending the money was unnecessary as you eating it was the same as me eating it.

I penned in my previous letters not to hasten your arrival here, owing to your liabilities. However, my restlessness to see you has intensified since then, therefore upon your convenience, endeavour to arrive within the next two or three months. If it were possible to guarantee my presence here during Ramadhan I might have counselled you with regard to it, given that it was my ardent desire to remain here, but dearest Abul-Hasan has been married off and it is difficult to stay here without him, he himself lists numerous reasons for me to depart.

In a preceding letter, you wrote of your delight at my offering blessings and salutations on your behalf; in your heart, you know that I have never neglected you from my supplications, no matter how many times you turn your back on me. It was good of you to deliver Molvi Khair Gami’s letter, I trust you delivered Abdul-Aziz Sahibs’s too. I mentioned in a preceding letter in relation to distributing dates among various persons, my aim was exactly as I mentioned above, namely to send a large quantity of dates by car, but that fell through. Hence, if you deem it fitting to give dates to someone then do so; otherwise explain to them that there was no one to bring them.

If the letter intended for Molvi Nasrullah’s son is yet unsent then kindly pen my sunnah greetings and inform him that I continue to offer my salutations at the Holy Sepulchre. Further, inform him that the Annual Tablighi Ijtima took place on 26 th/27 th May and along with the notables of Nizamuddin, Moulana Hamid Mia Siddiqui participated and gave a speech. If you have already posted the letter then kindly write the aforementioned on a card.

There is no need to entertain the persons whom I have instructed to meet with you more than is customary, modest hospitality will suffice. Kindly undertake to have the prescriptive Prayer booklet printed in English. If you are travelling alone then I am informed that a two-month return air ticket is cheaper, if you have fellow travellers then the car is a cheaper option. With regard to dearest Abdur-Raheem travelling to London, a decision will be made upon your arrival. I have deferred writing anymore as there is little room left for Abdur-Raheem.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Abdur-Raheem

17 th June 1969


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