Volume 1 Letter 129


From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Hazrat Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

Date: 21 st Muharram 1389/8 th April 1969


After the sunnah greeting, I received your letter, written from Bombay, in yesterday’s mail. You penned you have written three previous letters and that you are surprised at not receiving any response. I am puzzled that you failed to receive a response as I have replied to all your letters. I had also written an envelope wherein I incorporated letters for Hakeem Abdur-Rashid and Dr Ismail.

The day before yesterday I received a registered letter for your attention from Abdul-Hafeez. I opened it, believing that it might contain a letter for me within, but there was nothing for me. There were however letters for Molvi Yunus, Hasaan, Abul-Hasan, and Habeebullah; they have been duly forwarded. Together with this letter, I have included a further letter received in your name, along with an envelope from Shabbir Ingar. I refrained from sending it to your address directly, seeing that I had already prepared an envelope to that end.

I was delighted at what Haji Dost Muhammad brought to light, namely the P Form will be approved despite the want of a sponsorship form. I failed to understand your use of a particular word in explaining the reasons to forgo purchasing a ticket from Bombay and choosing to take up Abdul-Hafeez’s ticket instead. You wrote that if there were a requirement to remit the money there would not be any rush to do so. What did you mean by ‘If’? There should not be the slightest element of covetousness on your part, there is no harm should Almighty Allah bestow something without soliciting.

The difference in the cost of the tickets is not just Rs700 but Rs1500. A ticket with Saudi costs approximately Rs5000 and with Hindi Rs3500. Aside from that there is the question of residency, notwithstanding the Haj period, we only have permission to stay for 15 days. Therefore, I counsel you to travel with molvi Ismail via Bahrain, this is by no means a directive, but do as you see fit.

Although my own arrangements are undecided, I am more than eager for you to travel with me. As it is, I am encountering government red tape at every step. The folk in Bombay are cleaving to their own viewpoint and the folk in Makkah are holding fast to theirs. Yesterday, I received a telegram from Makkah; they sent me a visa without any mandate from me. Except, it is not a visa I require but an entry permit, I had written to them repeatedly and still they neglected to send one. Allah alone knows if I am destined to go.

I was pleased to receive dearest Yusuf’s money. I also took receipt of a letter from dearest Yusuf, however; I have not had the opportunity to respond.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Muhammad Ismail

21 st Muharram

Convey my sunnah greeting to your wife, khala, and new guests.


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