Volume 1 Letter 128


From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

Date: 21 st Muharram 1389/8 th April 1969


After the sunnah greeting, It was with great delight that I took receipt of your correspondence dated Thursday 15 th Muharram. This lowly one cannot remember answering in the negative about Umra. It is conceivable that I wrote in reference to the friends in India and Pakistan who are not keen on me going. However, numerous letters have arrived from friends in the Hejaz, in addition to a number of Haji’s who are deferring their voyage. As a result, I am considering leaving at the end of Zil-Hijjah or beginning of Muharram. Aside from that, there is also renewed political red tape making things difficult. It is perhaps in view of these factors that I thought it was not destined for me to travel.

I was delighted to be advised of the ijtima in Dewsbury, may Almighty Allah bring it to a comely and pleasing closure. I was pleased Hafiz Patel Sahib returned from Haj safely, if you happen to meet him or write to him, kindly extend my commendation on his Haj, may Almighty Allah accept it from him. Further, inform him that numerous letters have been received from dearest molvi In’am and others in which there are reports of your venerable undertaking and your involvement in Tabligh, which was yet again pleasing to hear. May Almighty Allah bless him therein and protect him from the evil of the envious.

I was especially glad that the memorisation classes have commenced, may Almighty Allah bless you thereby and make it a source of enduring benefaction. My heartfelt prayers are with you and your madrassa. Moreover, I was delighted that on acquisitioning the Arabic and Persian books the classes are soon to follow, may Almighty Allah bless you thereby. There were no details in my letter as to the status of the construction work at your madrassa. However, within the correspondence received today from dearest Abdur-Raheem, there was mention of you being engrossed in construction work. May Almighty Allah bless you therein, grant sincerity to the labourers, and accord the madrassa with material and spiritual advancement.

You penned something about a problem with the gas within the Hifz quarters; this has given me cause for concern, anxiety, and sadness. May almighty Allah by way of his infinite bounty and favour protect you from all adversity. From here on do not seek to inhabit the room under where the gas machine was found. In my opinion, conditions permitting, you should open all the windows and give the room a good airing.

I am concerned and saddened to hear about Ibrahim Pasha Sahib Bhopali and his court case, may Almighty Allah assist him. Stress the virtues in oft repeating the noble verses and durood shareef. May Almighty Allah admit him success at the appeal. It would be most fitting if a reading of the noble verses were carried out in the madrassa nearing the date of appeal. Call attention to the importance of reciting the noble verses and durood shareef.

The action that you took as regards the ticket and holiday pay is pertinent. Kindly, refrain from conveying any portion of your salary to either myself or to elsewhere. At present, your obligation to your debts is paramount; in truth, your debts are my debts. Any amount that that you repay is akin to a gift that you present to me. Once the debts have been settled, and after you have taken care of the living expenses for you and your wife, I have no objection to you gifting me money.

This lowly one can be contacted in Makkah Mukarramah at Madrassa Solitiyya, P.O Box 114, Makkah Mukarramah. However, my travel plans are hitherto undecided and besides I am doubtful if it is decreed or not, and if it is destined, when? If the arrangements can be made, and the paper work completed in time, I propose to travel on 25 th April. The reason is that I find it very difficult to travel on my own and coincidentally Ali Mia has an invite to a conference at Medina University, to attend on 10 th Safar, if this lowly one is unable to travel with him, then for me, travelling alone will be extremely difficult. You may have learnt that dearest Abdur-Raheem has returned home as of 31 st March. I have forbidden him to return here until such time that my journey is either assured or postponed.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Muhammad Ismail

21 st Muharram 1389

From the writer : Sunnah greetings, this lowly one sent two books with Muhammad, for the editor of Faraan molvi Ismail, namely Ish’aat Islam and Shahadat-ul-Aqwaam, has he delivered them. Molvi Musa has some money left over, kindly ask him what he wants to do with it, I did write but he failed to respond. His Holiness is almost certain to travel. All matters are in Allah’s hands. What more can I write. This lowly one’s passport has been arranged; we shall wait and see what transpires. I entreat you for supplication so lest my sins preclude me. Qari Sahib Etc send their salutations.


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