Volume 1 letter 127


From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May Allah enlighten his resting place)

To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)

Date: 15 th Muharram 1389/2 nd April 1969


After the sunnah greeting, I penned an air letter on 24 th March I trust you received it. There have been numerous correspondence received here from your mother in Africa and from khala in Surat urging you to travel to Bombay 2 nd April and receive your sister and her husband at the airport. We were somewhat pressed for time and there was no time to reserve a seat, therefore at my behest he left for Surat the night between Sunday and Monday by Frontier Mile.

We received a card from Haji Yakub Sahib addressed to Molvi Ismail. Contained therein was a note for Abdur-Raheem to inform him that the ship from Africa is scheduled to arrive on 5 th April, it is regretful that you were forced to travel second class after being incorrectly informed that the date of arrival was 2 nd April. In today’s mail I received an envelope from Abdur-Raheem. Upon reaching home, he too learned that the ship will make port on the 5 th and further penned that he will arrive in Bombay by the 4 th. Given that my journey to Hejaz is yet undecided, I have requested him not to travel here, and further, that he write a self addressed card to me by 20th April enquiring about my arrangements. If a decision has been reached, then instead of coming here we can convene in Bombay and if it is postponed he may come here.

While expounding his plans to visit here, he penned his desire to bring his wife along for a second visit. I dismissed the idea seeing that on the first occasion her heart was not inclined to stay, thus I see no reason to bring upon them the unnecessary trouble and expense. I have written a letter to him today wherein I explained thus: “The glad-tidings that have been revealed pertaining to dearest Yusuf’s wife, suggests she may well feel comfortable at my meagre abode. However, the question does arise that since your own wife is a village girl and could not endear herself to this place, there is little chance a princess from London would be much different. Notwithstanding, her correspondences about her patience, serenity, and resignation to the divine will were well received by dearest Yusuf and I throughout the period of his convalescence. Communicate my sunnah greeting to her. May Almighty Allah accord her health and vigour.

The travel plans for this useless-one remain unresolved, the two dearest ones are returning to Nizamuddin 14 th April and something will be decided soon thereafter. It is high summer here and I am feeling the effects of the heat with resulting headaches. Even so, Ali Mia is insisting that I take him with me. Moreover, if perchance I gained the consent to travel, dearest Abdur-Raheem is not planning to travel with me, although he possesses three tickets. Nevertheless, he believes and he is of course correct, that a plane ticket from Bombay to Jeddah will cost in the region of Rs5000. Therefore, once I have departed, he intends to travel with dearest Molvi Ismail by way of Bahrain.

I have previously cautioned you not to travel upon the mere hearsay of my departure. After my arrival is assured, I leave it to your discretion. Even so, I counsel that you do not travel at present, particularly while you have previously outstanding debts, and that in your absence, the madrassa has suffered of late. Provided the divine will sanction it, we are certain to accompany each other before long.

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Muhammad Ismail

15 th Muharram-ul-Haraam 1389

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