Volume 1 Letter 126

 From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Sahib (May his lengthy shadow be lengthened)

Date: 7 th Muharram-ul-Haraam1389/25 th March 1969

 Dearest and most honourable Moulana Yusuf Sahib may Allah pardon you, grant you peace and elevate you to eminence.

After the sunnah greeting. Having received your letter of affection, I noticed it was not dated. It is essential that letters from abroad are dated; nevertheless, I was pleased there included within an acknowledgment of a previous letter.

From your letter of affection received yesterday, I was delighted to learn that you have resumed your duties, may Allah bless you therein. Further, I was pleased that with your influence, Molvi Hashim Sahib was saved from being separated from you; moreover, he has found a position under the auspices of the same Madrassa. I trust the classes for Qur’anic memorization are in progress, this is a most blessed chain, and I imagine the Arabic and Persian classes are also underway.

This useless one has no need for any additional photocopied letters, like the ones you brought with you, because as each day passes I am a step closer to death, what you brought is adequate. I have listened to them a number of times, besides, by the time the next set are completed who knows which world I will inhabit. Further, I am somewhat troubled with regard to Al-Haj Khurshid Abdullah Sahib; I had received several written complaints about him prior to Ramadhan. Thereafter, during the Haj, I received a letter included within the Hejaz correspondence relating to his discontent. I trust that he has returned by now.

Tell him that we frequently receive similar insults in personal letters and published articles, was he then unable to tolerate one letter. Trivial matters should not rile a person, we should continue with our religious responsibilities with sincerity, regardless. If we perform our religious obligation for people to laud over us, then we are only squandering our hard work. Persons who are responsible for disparaging others will be held accountable before Allah. The treatise I’tidaal should not be consigned to any one individual to keep; rather, it should be kept in your retention. If it is handed over to someone then it should only be to borrow temporarily. This way, by keeping it in your possession, countless more people will acquire benefit from it, than just by giving it away and then for someone to withhold it.

Your dream is self-evident and does not require interpretation; rather than proximity you have always graced me with your kindness from afar, you were merely shown a similitude of what you practice. With reference to the ticket, I simply wish to point out that you should not do anything that resembles asking importunately. If they should insist of their own accord without imploring them or coveting within yourself, then fine. Any funds earned by means of petition or coveting holds no blessings, as opposed to funds not earned by petitioning or coveting that do indeed hold blessings. I am concerned about your liabilities, may Almighty Allah facilitate you in their requital.

The question of travelling for my Umra is still outstanding; I wonder if it is destined at all, seeing that there is always some setback or other. I am informed that Moulana In’am-ul-Hasan Sahib and associates are of the opinion that I defer it for the time being. Formerly, the tickets and visa for Abul-Hasan and me were at hand, at the time, we were told that everything was arranged and that we only required a repeat signature upon our departure. However, I have subsequently heard that out entry permit etc will all have to be requested anew from Makkah. For this reason, I wrote in a previous letter not to travel until such time that my departure is confirmed.

There are three tickets here for dearest Abdur-Raheem but I have some misgivings about his intentions. He is making all sorts of excuses in trying to justify not travelling with me; he says, “It is not pertinent to travel with you at the present, after your departure I shall endeavour to travel via Bahrain, inshallah.” Long live Gujarat!

I am sincerely worried about your wife’s welfare. In all honesty, I thought she would recover upon your arrival. There is consensus within medical research that suggests the pivotal factor in curing most ailments is a strong constitution, when there is a balance we feel fine, but an imbalance can lead to recurrent health problems and I have experienced this numerous times. May Almighty Allah through his grace and favour grant her a complete and abiding recovery. Kindly inform her not to write to me personally, as I do not want to inconvenience her.

Communicate my sunnah greetings to your wife, Molvi Hashim Sahib and the members of your committee. This lowly one prays assiduously for them and for your madrassa. May Almighty Allah protect you from artifice and grant you elevation in both the worlds.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

7 th Muharram-ul-Haraam1389/ Wednesday 26 th March

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