Volume 1 Letter 122

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)

Date: 28 th Zil-Hijjah 1388/17 th March 1969

Dearest Honourable Molvi Hafiz Qari Muhammad Yusuf Sahib

After the sunnah greeting, I received your letter of affection on 15 th Zil-Hijjah and responded the same day. There on, you have been so occupied with your obligations of the high and the low, spiritual and physical, exoteric and esoteric that you given no thought to us mere mortals. I requested dearest Abdur-Raheem a number of times to write you, but being your elder brother he retorted he had already written one letter, and since he is yet to receive a reply, why should he write again. This lowly one is unbounded by family ties, hence whether you write or not, I will do so.

You penned in your preceding correspondence with regard to your wife’s ill health, although, I trust in Allah that all the infirmities would have faded upon your arrival and where there was weakness and frailty it was replaced with strength and vigour. Keep me updated as to her convalescence. Console her on my behalf, express my sunnah greeting, and tell her that this lowly one prays for her earnestly. May Almighty Allah accord her a complete, expeditious, and abiding recovery.

One important issue, I received an excerpt from an unnamed individual. I surmised it was not a newspaper cutting but a typed copy. There is no name, on neither the envelope nor clipping. The headline from the Birmingham Asia Weekly reads: The Markaz Saville Town Dewsbury Tablighi Markaz or Political Organization? Read the article for further details, it is a long-winded headline. Further it reveals, Molvi Yakub Kawi on the one hand a devotee of Tablighi Jama’at, and on the other a pillar of a political organisation the Majlis Ulama U.K. and someone who is responsible for circulating the Faraan among the Tablighi activists etc etc. It cautioned the Jama’at Markaz Tabligh Nizamuddin, the Ulama of Deoband and Saharanpur to take heed of the situation or there will be unequivocal damage. There is also a reference to Hafiz Muhammad Patel Sahib, and that he has been removed because of discord.

That is all.

I do know what the truth is with regard to the disaccord. Moreover, I received complaints about a certain Khurshid Abdullah Pakistani who is apparently performing Haj at present, if you know anything relating to him then kindly apprise me. One important point, there is a difference of opinion with regard to the travel arrangements of this lowly one. Friends in Makkah and Medina are making their appeals; however, I hear that Molvi In’am Sahib is not in favour of me travelling at present, though I cannot understand why. At any rate, do not make any intention to travel until such time that my own and dearest Abdur-Raheem’s arrival is absolutely certain. Kindly do not send any monies here. Your own liabilities takes precedence, discharge them first. If there is scope after that then either bring it with you to Hejaz or send it.

That is all. Salaam

Dictated to Abdur-Raheem

28 th Zil-Hijjah 1388

From: Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

After the sunnah greeting, Best wishes are intended for each other. All praise to Allah, this lowly one arrived safely at Nizamuddin on 15 th March and arrived customarily in Saharanpur Thursday. I posted an envelope from home to the Bolton address wherein I included an acknowledgement to the telegram and letter, I trust it has arrived. Upon my arrival here, I received your second letter. Owing to my commitments, I have not had the chance to write a letter to Qasim’s father, inshallah I hope to write it in the next few days.

Hazrat’s departure is hitherto uncertain, should he depart, then in accordance with consultations, I shall travel by ship using my own money and accompanied by Molvi Ismail Sahib. I expect to save 400 Rupees from your monies and I have 200 Rupees from the cattleman brother Abdur-Rahman, which I can draw on for my travel expenses, thereafter I will require further spending money. Upon learning about the departure date, I will write you. Kindly forward 20 Pounds to Abdul-Hafeez for this lowly one.

If Qari Ibrahim Sahib has repaid your money, kindly remit it so I can satisfy your creditors here and becalm Hazrat’s disquiet. Kindly inform me as to your wellbeing and especially with regard to your wife’s health, it weighs on me. Chothi Khala remains unwell and not responding to treatment. May Almighty Allah bless her with health, vigour and a long life, as we need her at the present. What more can I write. Present my sunnah greetings to all.

That is all. Salaam

Most humble of creatures

Abdur-Raheem Surati

Wednesday 29 th Zil-Hijjah 1388

In addition, There was no correspondence from you today either. Today I have written to Molvi Abdullah to forward the money. He will send a little to Haji Sahib who will in turn dispatch the remainder to this humble one. Molvi Ismail suggests his sunnah greeting.

From: Moulana Hashim Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

Dearest Moulana Yusuf Sahib

After the sunnah greeting, this lowly one read the above letters in order to acquire benefit. Forgive me. Further, I have written a letter to Moulana................ Sahib. I will be sending monies to my sisters at Rander; at the same time, I shall take out a loan, send Moulana his money on Saturday, and repay the monies upon their receipt. In connection with this, tomorrow I shall write a letter to Blackburn.

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