Volume 1 Letter 120

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)

Date: 15 th Zil Hijjah 1388/2 nd March 1969

After the sunnah greeting, in yesterday’s mail I received your air letter containing the glad tidings of your safe arrival in London, in addition I received a card from dearest Abdur-Raheem wherein there was further news of your safe arrival. Within dearest Abdur-Raheem’s letter, it is stated that you will perform your Eid prayers in Bolton, yet it is evident to me from your own letter that you thought of giving preference to betrothing [khitba] at Eid than the sermon [khutba] of Eid. Nonetheless, I was delighted that you arrived prior to Eid and that several Eid’s were celebrated at one and the same time.

I replied to all your letters from Gujarat the moment they were received, even if there was no occasion to. I determined by way of dearest Abdur-Raheem’s letter that my final correspondence had not arrived until after your departure, and as stated in his letter he subsequently forwarded it to you along with his own letter, although it was unnecessary for him to do so. I was saddened to learn that before reaching their destination the Itr you took with you leaked onto the envelopes. However, if an envelope was placed with some clothes then one can still avail oneself of the fragrance.

I was delighted there was no difficulty at customs and that dearest Muhammad arrived at the airport. I was upset to learn of your wife’s infirmity, however, I trust that presently she has begun to regain some of her strength. Meeting up with particular people can also be a source of strength. After imparting my sunnah greetings and best wishes, kindly inform her that rather than insisting on sweetmeats from her I have sent some with dearest Yusuf for her to receive on my behalf. God willing they should have arrived.

You wrote of the many friends that have departed for Hejaz in the hope of meeting with this lowly-one, that is so moving, had I realised I would have made more of an effort on my part. In actual fact your failure to depart played a huge part in my postponement, I was anxious for you to return to London, and what's more at the time your arm had not healed well enough. Taking into consideration your arm and the fact that you had endured so much it felt unseemly to leave you behind. However, I was quite upset when your arm healed ahead of Haj and instead of Makkah you departed for London.

Friends in London should not count on my arrival, the sins that cut short my journey on the occasion of Haj, may hamper me on some future occasion. In future no one should venture with the intention of meeting with me, until such time that my arrival is a surety. My advent before Muharram is inconceivable right now, as the visa etc acquired in Shawwal have now expired; they will now have to be requested once again from Makkah. May Almighty facilitate us.

I presume you arrived safely in Bolton after Eid and resumed your teaching and propogatory duties. May Almighty Allah grant you all manner of support and protect you from iniquity and artifice. You penned the following: However much you befriended me I feel correspondingly distant. Undoubtedly, the apparent physical distant is now extensive; nonetheless, you may have determined from my letters that despite the physical distance my spiritual proximity to you is where it was a year ago. Conversely, despite your physical proximity you kept yourself remote from me.

You wrote that Khaloo Sahib had written to me, yet it had not arrived in time to make yesterday’s i.e. 4 th March/14 th Zil hijjah’s post. You may have learned by now that Eid was celebrated on Friday here. Dearest Abdur-Raheem penned in a number of letters regarding his intention to travel to Saharanpur directly from Bombay after your valediction. Relating to this I formerly wrote that he should spend Eid at home; subsequently I gathered that Eid and the commotion of Holi are at the same time, therefore I strongly advised him not to travel during the disruptions, and I myself cancelled a visit to Nizamuddin that I had previously agreed to undertake.

The commotion of Holi ended yesterday for us namely 4 th March; however I noted from dearest Abdur-Raheem’s letter that the final day there is today 5 th March. Accordingly, I wrote to him and recommended that as of Saturday 8 th March this slave is intending to journey to Saharanpur and to return Thursday, inshallah. For this reason instead of heading for Saharanpur he should come directly to Delhi. Convey my sunnah greetings to Khaloo Sahib, Khala Sahiba and your wife. Your poor health weighed heavily upon me and I was anxious for you to reunite with your loved ones safe and sound.

Communicate my sunnah greeting to Molvi Hashim. Incidentally, your ticket from Bombay to London, was it free of charge or credit?

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Muhammad Ismail

15 th Zil-Hijjah1388

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