Volume 1 Letter 117

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Moulana Abdur-Raheem Sahib Motala (May his shadow be lengthened)

Date: 26 th Zi Qa’da 1388/13 th February 1969

After the sunnah greeting. This lowly one returned from Nizamuddin on Thursday morning. However, my health was significantly poor that day; I spent the day wrapped in a blanket, with no opportunity to attend to the mail. I received your card written Monday on the Thursday, and your card written Wednesday was received here on Friday. The occasion to attend to the mail had not presented itself when I had the notion that in all probability the letter will arrive on Monday. I am particularly concerned that dearest Yusuf’s ticket has not arrived hitherto. There were several reasons for postponing the Haj, one reason was that I longed for dearest Yusuf to leave for London without delay. God willing Qari Ibrahim and dearest Yusuf are able to travel together as it will be mutually convenient.

I was delighted that the concern for your wife has been allayed, May Almighty grant well-being and vigour. You were right not returning the tickets for Dhahran, a decision will be made at the appropriate time. I was thrilled to learn that dearest Yusuf’s bandages have been removed, May Almighty Allah grant him good health and vigour. I learned through your second letter that Qari Ibrahim has departed, and he is expected to arrive in Bolton today inshallah.

You penned that you have pined for Saharanpur the last few days, perhaps it is because I bethought both of you on Saturday 18 th February. En route to Delhi, I stopped over and presented myself at the shrines of Thana Bhavan and Jhinjhana where I missed both of you immensely. I believe that with Eid nigh approaching, you should consider returning after Eid, your wife and khala sahiba will be most appreciative; alternatively, I was going to suggest that you stay there until the end of Muharram. If your trip is destined then come directly to Bombay, if it is not ordained then arrive here at the end of Muharram, travelling constantly back and forth is expensive, and since you have been absent from home for some months I think it best if you spend a little time with them.

I was unhappy with the protracted delay of dearest Yusuf, had such a delay been foreseen then perhaps a Haj trip may have proved expedient. A card was dispatched on Friday 31 st January; also, a copy of Hizb-ul-Azam was sent registered post. Within the Wednesday letter, there is mention of the card but not the book, despite the fact I specified that I have forwarded Hizb-ul-Azam by registered post for Yusuf’s wife. I entrusted a handwritten letter and some tangerines with Molvi Ibrahim, god willing they should have arrived. Communicate my sunnah greetings to your wife, khala, and especially dearest Yusuf.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith

Dictated to Ismail

26 th Zi Qa’da

From the writer: sunnah greetings, with reference to the sum of money, molvi Naseer and Haji Najmuddin wrote the following in order to determine its veracity: ‘What you have written with regard to Molvi.............. is a cause of great disappointment and astonishment, namely he misappropriated from Hazrat’s revenue, amounting to about 500 rupees, taken from various people, committed acts of mischief prior to departing and then left surreptitiously’. There is more which I am reluctant go into right now. I wrote him a comprehensive letter on Thursday with a stamped addressed envelope; therein I catalogued his conduct and demanded a full and immediate clarification of the situation. I exhort that you write him a robust letter with regard to your monies. Towards the end, his behaviour became irritating, let’s await his reply. Kindly write and inform him in no uncertain terms that his behaviour was unsettling for all concerned.

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