In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful

Volume 1 Letter 11

From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Hazrat Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

Date: 20 th Safar 1385/ 19 th June 1965

After the sunnah greeting, I have presently received your express delivered card, it was quite unnecessary given that in Saharanpur these arrive later than regular mail. I was delighted to hear of your recovery, however, do not be hasty with your return back here until you have fully convalesced from your illness, in case of a relapse.

It is very warm here, there has been no rain whatsoever and as a result there is a hot wind blowing. I am glad you asked about Ihya-ul-Uloom; kindly do not bring it on my account as I already have one and I have no need of another, this worthless-one has the book and the explanatory notes. If at all possible, kindly communicate my sunnah greetings to your parents.

That is all, Salaam

Muhammad Zakariya Saharanpur

Dictated to Ihsaan 20 th Safar 1385

From the writer : Sunnah greetings and a request for prayers, the writer is travelling to Delhi on 24 th June.


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