Volume 1 Letter 108

 From: Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)

Date: 19 th Ramadhan 1388/9 th December 1968

Most Honourable Esteemed Molvi Hafiz Qari Yusuf Sahib

After the sunnah greeting. I have been eagerly waiting to receive your letter since the onset of Ramadhan; however, because of your injury I am reluctant for you to write to me. Though I long to write to you daily, I refrain so as not to burden you. Don’t let the fact that you cannot find someone conversant in Urdu preclude you from writing to me, as dearest Abdur-Raheem is at hand. Kindly pen a detailed letter in either Gujerati or Urdu to him or myself in relation to your well-being. He reads the letters and responds to them; to him both Urdu and Gujerati are alike.

What can I say? It is upsetting that you were incapable of travelling to Saharanpur and what's more unable to return to London. Hereafter I propose that you return to London straightaway and resume your work. I have expectations that your effulgence will benefit a great many, because with your arrival, there had been progress in learning and devotion. However, in your absence all that has been discontinued.

Be it as it may, dearest Abdur-Raheem is your brother, and not unlike you; who in the beginning was also prone to yarn spinning; makes long speeches that I find difficult to fathom. Yet, if true, that following your convalescence there is no marked difference, in monetary terms, of either returning to London directly or via Makkah, then it is clear that you should perform the Haj en route. This useless one’s own travel arrangements are yet undecided.

Dearest In’am, Ali Mia, and Moulana Manzoor sahib arrived Saturday. Dearest In’am returned yesterday morning and the other two luminaries left this morning. Molvi In’am has stated that he is irresolute with regard to my situation; he is unresolved and perturbed and continues to perform Istikhara. He deems that it is necessary for me to travel with him and equally necessary to stay. The other two luminaries opine that in the absence of dearest In’am this useless one should stay at Nizamuddin instead of Saharanpur. In as much as I am not privy to what is predestined, should my name be included in the list of Haji’s at Shab-e Barat I will be in attendance in a manner not dissimilar to my first voyage.

The letter you penned to your wife has been received and I am writing this envelope for that reason. I will venture to engage Qari Ibrahim Sahib with respect to the heater, but I have this notion of myself that no affinity exists between these kinds of things and me. I have five or six of these types of items in my possession. I was heartbroken that the heater gifted by Dr. Ismail, on which he spent twelve hundred, was unavailing. Henceforth kindly do not gift any items that................... and are modern, do not send again. These things are highly uncongenial to me. You may remember, and I have told you many times, that I purchased Al-Munjid three or four times only for it to be stolen each time.

I was delighted to receive the letters you sent, may Almighty Allah award you a worthy recompense. I have not had the chance to hear any letters except the ones in Urdu, today I finished hearing all the Urdu letters by way of dearest Abdur-Raheem. May Almighty Allah accord you an expeditious and enduring recovery. With regard to your medication, you ought to consult the doctor treating you. May almighty Allah grant you the advancement you deserve; you have endured a great deal in order to spend Ramadhan in Saharanpur you faced adversity and expense. May I interpose and say that in the first Ramadhan you left by false pretence. May Almighty Allah bestow his bountiful favours upon you.

Continue to write frequently to your good wife. I failed to comprehend the schooling you gave me on the subject of debt. My dearest! Settlement of debt is of paramount importance, there is no certainty as regards to life and death; the creditors were after all local, and therefore liable to feel exasperated by asking for additional credit, especially when the initial amount remains unresolved. Hafiz Surati Sahib was in very poor health throughout Ramadhan, it became perilous a times, in spite of this he has dropped by today, albeit for a short while. He is present here with me now and imparts the sunnah greetings and his sympathies.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib

Dictated to Abdur-Raheem

19 th Ramadhan 1388

I entrusted fifty pieces of Medinite Dates in the care of Principal Molvi Abdullah Tarkesar together with a bottle of honey from dearest Abdur-Raheem. I have received correspondence from the aforementioned and yourself, yet there is no mention of the said items. If they have failed to arrive then kindly inquire with anyone visiting there.

From: Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

After the sunnah greeting, I trust you are in good health. I have now received the torch you may relax. I explained to Hazrat in detail about the ticket arrangements, all praise to Allah he has understood; namely, the cost of the ticket for London- Mecca-London is £120, and £80 on the black market, which is commensurate with Yusuf’s fare from India to London. Notwithstanding, I explained to Hazrat that it will be difficult to travel at present as it will take at least 2 months for the arm to mend, Hazrat laughed. You have sanction for Haj, inshallah.

Pen your ticket arrangements and set forth your restlessness. Be cautious with regard to your arm, it will mend swiftly, inshallah. Complete your prayers sitting down and try not to make unnecessary movements. May Almighty Allah grant you an expeditious recovery.......... kindly write to me should you require any money. At any rate, when you travel to Saharanpur bring Ismail Mota with you, I shall reimburse you for the fare and kindly refrain from informing chothi khala. What more can I write. I look forward to your reply.

That is all. Salaam

Most contemptible Abdur-Raheem Surati

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