Volume 1 Letter 106

From: Hazrat sheikh-ul-Hadith Sahib (May his secret be sanctified)

To: Hazrat Moulana Yusuf Motala Sahib (May his lofty shadow be lengthened)

Date: 15 th Ramadhan 1388/5 th December 1968

Most Honourable Esteemed Molvi Qari Muhammad Yusuf Sahib

After the sunnah greeting, I had been yearning to write ever since Abdur-Raheem returned, subsequently on Saturday, immediately prior to dearest Abdur-Raheem’s arrival, I received your timely letter. You penned a sentence stating that there is no possibility of writing anything at present. I also learned from dearest Abdur-Raheem that there is no possibility of writing with the right hand and that no one is available to write on your behalf. I thought that perhaps my letters might encumber you, notwithstanding Ramadhan I wanted to write a brief card on a daily basis to enquire of your health and to inform you that I am praying for you earnestly, a reply would not be required.

Last night dearest Abdur-Raheem informed me that he had written a letter and had not posted it to you in the hope I might like to append something; this roused my aspiration to do so. It’s Friday and there is very little time, normally upon concluding the supererogatory prayers at 11 o’clock, preparations are usually underway for my bath, yet dearest Abdur-Raheem narrated a letter addressed to him from his uncle’s son Ismail that increased my ardour even further.

It was both disappointing and upsetting that you were unable to spend Ramadhan in either Saharanpur or London. It would have been opportune and convenient had you returned to London from Iran. At any rate, I would have at least written you a line or two, but hearing of your recovery through dearest Ismail’s letter made me very happy indeed. May Almighty Allah accord you a comprehensive recovery and restore you to good health. I will certainly write to your Principal Sahib on your behalf tomorrow, inshallah.

If expedient, I advise you to write a card to Haji Muhammad Shafi Sahib at Delhi, the address is enclosed within. In the beginning, he made laborious efforts on your behalf at the foreign office. I proposed writing to the Iranian ambassador, however on meeting him he asserted that he was unable to do anything without advice from the foreign office. Subsequently the aforementioned visited the foreign office numerous times and demanded they write a strong letter to the Indian ambassador in Iran. Further, he has also written letters to you and the doctors. Abdur-Raheem informs me that you have received them. Kindly relate your state of affairs and express your appreciation.

Following the Maghrib assembly, Qari Ibrahim, who arrived along with dearest Abdur-Raheem, recounted various details to the gathering. I took receipt of the gifts you sent with dearest Abdur-Raheem, notably the letters pleased me a great deal. If they had arrived before Ramadhan, a translation would have been easier to arrange. Nevertheless, I have passed them on to dearest Abul-Hasan to that purpose. Presently, dearest Abdur-Raheem and Ismail have narrated the Urdu letters to me in spite of it being Ramadhan.

I want to make it clear that you transcend the need of sending me gifts, kindly bear that in mind that. With reference to the heater, I have written an acknowledgment letter and informed you therein that because of my incompetence I have been unable to benefit from it thus far. Abul-Hasan and Babu Eyaz made numerous and varied attempts to work it, in the end all we managed was heat equivalent to a candle flame, perhaps it is down to our ignorance.

If you learn of anyone travelling to London then kindly send a gift to your good wife on my behalf. I have sent 50 pieces of Medinite dates with the principal of Tarkesar Molvi Abdullah Sahib. I have sent 15 pieces for khala, 15 for the wife of Molvi Abdur-Raheem, and 20 pieces for you. After conveying my salutation inform her that the fish, she so kindly sent, was splendid and that a very large assembly tasted a little bit after the Isha prayers.

That is all. Salaam

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hadith sahib

Dictated to Abdur-Raheem

15 th Ramadhan 1388

From: Moulana Abdur-Raheem Motala Sahib (May his shadow be lengthened)

After the sunnah greeting, I received your card and it gave me much solace and reassurance. I suggest that you write a card to Hazrat, albeit in Guajarati. I shall remit 100 Rupees to our Principal Sahib, but I do not want you worry. If he has taken 300 Rupees then it is not a huge amount taken from you. I intend to write to him, inshallah.

Notwithstanding, I counsel you to be careful, aside from the compulsory prayers I advise you to pray sitting. In addition, be mindful when walking and moving about. If you visit one person, you will leave be opening the door to go visit other, therefore take a few days to unwind completely. God willing your arm will heal first time and you will quickly make the trip to Saharanpur.

Last night I presented molvi Aziz with a pair of trousers on your behalf. Through these small acts of generosity may Almighty Allah grant you an expeditious recovery. I saw you in a dream last. Write a letter to Muhammad and request him to send you a ticket promptly for London via Hejaz in order that arrangement can be made for a visa. What else can I write. Communicate my salutations to Dawood Mota and entreat him to write to me.

Most contemptible Slave

Abdur-Raheem Surati

15 th Ramadhan


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